Sunday, 1 April 2012


In silence, she plays her character on the stage,
And begins a pained life that is struggle, 
Self-maintaining, rocking, tearing, burning, whispering, 
May it be lament, to express it as exposure of loneliness,  
That we do not know, we only see her songs, across the board,  
All we lack to see, it is her rejuvenation,
That draws courage and earning livelihood for her.

She changes her life, she shapes toughness for blooming,
Like one who ventures to rise above all roughness, at stage, 
She learns not to surrender to anyone, makes own standing,
She works, morning to night, caring, by her mind and heart, 
Her children, she makes them to bear for simple living,
We do not see her brave living habits, winning over time,
She does not force any one to feel or express sympathy for her.

She wants to be a bird, for flying freely in the sky,
She feels burns, fired by the male partner's ordaining,
While living with husband, who pretends to protect her, 
At this juncture, she decides for living single, and stay alert,
This is the world of freedom, it is an expedition, not to feel unguarded, 
That is her life, in all seasons, and she deserves it,
This constitutes respect for her struggle, she fixes her mind in herself.

The more she prefers to attain a life of significance,
The more she feels to defy the storm moving in rain,
That comes heavily on her way and inflicts disarray, 
She still moves with courage, with deep sigh,  not splitting self, 
Being single woman, living with children, it is her pride, 
She holds her earnest breath to turn her experience for winning, 
She feels greatness to come home, as single woman, and mother of children. 

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