Saturday, 14 April 2012


It is morning, it is the beginning of the day with hope and joy; I am in a train running through paddy and sugar-cane fields, silently yielding of the nature that does make consent with love to reside by charming green corns, side by side, creating cultivators’ delight, gently growing in yellow ripened corn density, syllables of love held upright, that put everything in order of power that gives something in travelers’ breathing to see love in nature’s pride, that gives promise, in vigor for dwelling inside creation.

On the way, I do like to meet my beloved one, who is coming here first time after a long journey, and she likes to meet me, and I do not want to lose her,  a symbol of love. It is like to touching the rainbow, it is might and score in the assemblage of life,  like a boat moving towards shore, and I want to travel in that boat around which the birds of the sea do sing, make satellite shelter, for safety, that my mind finds in all living moments, portrait of love.

I put a message signaling to making a bond, and in this SMS I say, life is wonderful as long as you are with me, in mind, and I do not want my mind to be created like a vacant land, that may bury all treasures of togetherness, fortune of living practices on this earth, and I do not want to have estraged moments those are only fragments of discontinuity, and these items are broken showcase, that I do not want to be with me, dear. And I think you do not break your promises, dear.

Promises for love are not orphan, promises have own dept and sacrifices. 

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