Friday, 27 April 2012


The sky is full of clouds, thunders the thunder bolt,
The earth is hard to take water from the rain it gives birth,
Every curve of crust goes to wet and curl in folds of love,
Sensation that grows inside will create reflections and healing.

The sun makes pressure on the crust to correspond with rain,
So long scorching sunrays have evaporated organic fluid of crust,
Water connections are dried up as much hyped stimulation
That has to keep equilibrium the meeting that gives mood of the sun.

Rain, rain, you are sweet treating gain to keep the earth’s sentiment
In stimulation with love that gives birth of healing sensation,
We are the organic erogenous parts of the heaven’s creation,
Love is our brain, as the rain rules the earth’s brain and divinity.

Rain, rain, you are wet network that gives the crust a feeling,
With life in moving in syllable of hymens and speeches of loving,
The wind blows with moistures of cool boost a highest living,
Rain, rain, you are the water path of our contained feeling of existence.  

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