Monday, 9 April 2012


Flowers are in bloom in garden,
Kalbaishakhi comes in the evening
Keeping space on the floor of destruction,
Yet flowers are in full bloom, speaking of new arrival,
Of beginning of New Year, in passionate breeze,
It is Bengali New Year, on every April.

Hearts with full rising of stormy sequel, seem
To hold love we are singing in charms,
New garments, new season, new clouds –
All give us all wishing freshness in hearts,
In eyes, in minds, in nights, making us running,
To the place where we can begin a new year,
With love, with revelations of life, seeing
The world of aesthetic performance in our wholeness,
And the place is here where we are born,
We learn to live with peace and sacrifice,
And we do live in heaven if we learn to contribute
An essence of life, that we can spread and speak,
It is very love; we are travelling in this universe.

We are in deep comfort and joyous mood,
When we close our eyes, with blush of the new gush of wind,
We will feel the greeting of love, with this New Year,
And live in respectful terms of existence and sovereignty.


  1. For all Greeks the beginning of the year is 1 January for the intellectuals and the light is April 1,,,, It's a secret
    Most people do not know I think the poem is offered to bloom and light!!nice!!!

  2. (♥♥.... )thanks lovely Asim