Sunday, 8 April 2012


When those long memories come,
Tears flow over eyes to cheeks,
She feels something of old ignorance,
The lost are days, she stands in search,
Of the scheme that burns her,
Yet she takes deep breathe in memories,
On her patience on the love,
That was her old assignment,
Crown was he when he is in love,
And the life did not know what the closer is,
Then life is like perpetual of feeling
And love is not separated, from her bosom.

The place and the name have changed,
New phase of age has turns in passage,
She is in move to see love in her tense,
She feels the initiation is dried, no beginning,
Again and again her signals are torn,
As if she is living in stillness, wave has no purge,
She feels the essence of love is not ceased,
Only the response is cut, as her loved one
Has changed a path, liberated from her heart,
A strange feeling she feels, love has tears,
Love domain has some apparently unworthy moments.

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