Friday, 6 April 2012


One day he says to her, “I am the love.”

-“Yes, I know, you are my world, but I do not find my loved one, and realizing it I live on my essence, I am woman; I am here to help the man, for the creation that the world needs.”
She says.

-“I know it is you to hold me in love, and I am the love to make you aware. The creation is a great realization, and we have to participate in knowledge, that will bring us to close to the formation, we need it, dear; love is closed to completeness, equally by both, in the form of adoration, I am here to give you assurances over my love.”
He says.

-“I am the woman who loves you, in completeness. In the beginning I was alone, now I feel something that I cannot explain, and I feel something missing, and I am to live on my essence as woman.”
She says.

-“Thanks dear, I think it is your nobleness, and I do not disturb you, and when you feel the missing is my love, and call me, then I will come. I am yours for ever, and I will wait for you.”
He says.

The talks stopped in quest of love. 

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