Thursday, 26 February 2015


Morning sunlight prepares
For the day, it is spring, journey
Takes leap for revelations  
Over the water, waves take
Directions of flowing, coming
Over passage of time, and journey
Begins on the platform of
Howrah Railway Station visible
In clean colors, window on touring
Space, keeping life on probable
And possible of self appearance
Where mind is open and
Fantasy is other source of living,

Slowly flowing over dreams. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


At the time of busy hours
Every launch takes crowd
From random walks of life
Till busy corridor gets empty
Or thin crowd overboard.
The launch has that capacity
Simply for larger role that plays.
Distance is comparable to
Combining molecules those make
Cell-formation within phase to phase
Preferences, altogether we all behave,
As if drowned zeal to surface dream.

We all float from dream-bank
Where lies dream-station, waiting and
Recomposing our voyage to other bank
Across the river that portrays flowing of
Mystery of working silence on the horizon
Being it the great assimilation, moving is
Always greater than rehearsed appearance.

Friday, 13 February 2015


With the changing of season
Spring coming, tiny birds are busy
At the time of new tender leaves nearby
Reflectively making presence of group touring
In the morning soft sunlight, enthusiastically.   

Do they have to be ventured in new relationship?
So that they make presence in every twittering
Contracted in brewing of loving mood
Sooner or later everyone settles in mettle 
And expresses something in reality without paradox,
Streamlined in heart beating while sitting at higher branches
Of tree, now making new green leaves, floating
Between love and notion of rolling gentleness

Following through all seasons and dreams alongside. 

Monday, 9 February 2015


This mango tree has magnificence in this morning,
That flowers blooming with vastness of first hand and
First track of motivation of soundless mutation for
Spotlight on the occurrence of newness in spring, and
Both activity and control of life’s dream render most
Significant sharing of events of inward journey, and
I am the witness of this swinging of earth’s canvas

With leaves and flowers, and it is neatly balanced. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


When the little boy is given
New garments, he wears them
And begins running into the room,
And his parents become happy
To take snap of joyfulness
Of their son, they think once
They were little ones and so were
They joyful when they received
New clothes to wear from parents
They then did feel good and moved
Around the house to tell friends
Their parents loved them
Like other who were their friends,
The world moves with these waves
Like sea wave never ends forming wave.