Friday, 26 December 2014

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Red sun takes leap
Above horizon and hills
Greens awakening
Morning gets quantum with joy

Life is worthy, yielding pride. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Wheel of the car takes raindrops with its spin
Road does resist it, innocent raindrops get tangled
Under this tension whose presence widens
Lawful curves strangled between road and wheel.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Just a painting brush makes strokes
With dark blue color in the sky.
Grey clouds make intentional arrival in the dawn
Wind circling over sea, nine hundred miles’ away
The sky never owns darker shade in its skin
Blue is simple, beautiful in its own prettiness
Even a child can see it and sing a song of beauty
That needs not extra freshness with color shades.

It is dawn; patchy colors give some signals of storm
Crust of the earth does not reflect sunlight,
The sky needs no favor, it shows the truth.
Some enrollment of weather’s new product
Just begins hovering over either near or at far,
We will face the catastrophe, swinging in the sky
As if a painting brush paints darker
Side of the nature’s summoning.  

Saturday, 25 October 2014


Why the cloud feels proud to hide the moon
Upon its journey, so many past and present thrills
The moon crosses the effect, in its trilling smiles,

And slowly makes its presence in the sky’s fore front. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Village road reaches
To many rural land sites
The villager walks
In the morning sunlight
The green creates pleasing sight.

Saturday, 18 October 2014


While moving in a train, it comes to my view,
The front of hills, the front of greens,
The front of clouds, the sky is ready to take
Everyone in its review, the day is bright, playing
Hide and seek with sunlight, shadowy and sunny,
Visible with clarity, greeting cheers, forming
Day time dance, almost singing, birds flying,
Essence of freedom is full of sense and tense.

The day is full of caesura, lines of a verse
Window of the train becomes passage of the earth,
As if it is classic awakening, pretty wellness, arising
From the dark, we are responding with singing,
Cadence with time and travel, wondering scene,
Sprouting of joy and introduction of rain, forming
Fortune of pupil’s vigor, we are experiencing it.

This nature’s royal attire reinvented, priceless. 

Friday, 17 October 2014


The hill road, divine,
It is curved as our life

Gliding in green hymn. 


Light and shadow falling about yard’s apart,
The cloud and the blue make both run closer,
Cloud’s shadow falls on meadow, while we are
Passing through sunlight, wind drifts cloud,
Clearing barricades over passage of sunrays,
And we are moving in a bus in the sunlight,
Following riddles of shadow, soon after,
Carried down, creating life’s sojourn a concert.      

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I stopped before the shop-window
It showed flowers for selling to customers
And the eminent was telling in whispers
“Come, love me, buy me, it is my pleasure.”

“You may place me upon study table,
You may place me upon the whole house
Or in your garden, with some sticks to nail me,
I will pose with my beauty, fragrance, instead.”

It is stitch of blows on the truth, motivated,
As market moves with open buckles of drove,
Living with pleasure and moving with status
The symbolic transition is author of all maestros.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Autumn sun-rays play in the hill region,
Morning spreads pleasing care around,
Lightly move little children in the village,
They are enjoying in wind of soft harmony,
Birds and greens mingle in sweet singing,
Climbing papaya tree is magic with balance,
For food of the day, the boy tries to pluck
Papaya while others are looking at him.

At that time we are walking along there
Seeking some desperation to find life,
It is another sojourn over our living pattern,
We are delighted in the boy’s turn
On childhood honeying with the nature,
It becomes fairy tale in bold and free
Spin of the boy’s attempt to go forward,
These children are growing in silver sunlight.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Sunday, 12 October 2014


I cannot hold breaking clouds in heart.
This morning cloud breaks in beauty.
It is not aberration, but it is conglomeration,
Beauty is there where sorrow and humor
Form content of life as courageous cloud
Becoming energetic in the morning sunlight. 


My eyes are caught
At a century-old clay rooftop
With shabby interior of a tea-shop
Standing between concrete walls of two garment-shops.

I think of the owner’s leaning and obligations
To stay at old fashioned way floating on past,
Various steps keep the owner away from
Restructuring house on tracks of renovation.

I think of the time that is present
With its truth and it does not share
The changing of this time that others follow,

It is carefree and fairy tale to remember the past. 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Monday, 6 October 2014


Autumn evening
Twilight reflection in clouds,
Street lights start flushing  

Monday, 29 September 2014


Cloud simmers with rain
Wind blows it past hills and plains
Nostalgic is greens
It’s rice harvesting season
All are expecting raining. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


While returning from GIPF-2014, Mrs. Deeya Bhattacharya, Poet, Critic, Teacher of English, reads poems of Asim Kumar Paul and of Ketaki Datta, writer and poet, in a poetry reading session in the moving Falaknuma Express Train. Here is one movie of her reading.  NOW IT IS THAT BLOGGER UPLOADING LIMIT IS 100 MB, I have to take help of YouTube.

Monday, 22 September 2014

READING A POEM OR WRITING A POEM ( a poetry reading session at GIPF-2014)

Reading a poem or writing a poem
It is like raining on leaves of mind
As the sun emits sun-rays as essence

The moon reflects them in silence. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014


On the way to
International Poetry Festival 2014 at Guntur, AP, India
I am amazed with white kash flowers
Those are blooming on the earth,
A natural line drawn with musical transition
To the autumn to greet Mother Durga. 

It is also season of poetry
And we are moving to Guntur, to hear and expect
Tune of voices of gathering poets who will read
Their own poems with ideas and hope for living
With forward journey of life and expectancy,
Having likelihood and livelihood of the universe.

Monday, 15 September 2014



The city is busy, people are busy,
Desire has one dimensional spirit
Just finish the work, and return home.
There is no miracle, only routine work.
Lodging only first priority for staying night,
Food is bound to be taken in roadside hotels
Or cooking sometimes available that roommates
Make the arrangement, own performance.

The account what they do in working days,
They go out in the morning for work-place
How deep they feel in their life of speedy schedules
Bosses, workers, roads, busses, trains, vehicles
Run run run, sounds of a groaning city,
Packed busses, sweating, songs in the mobile phones,
Engagements - all run on the day time
They return in the evening, just in the room,
Beds, side by side, cots, just throwing away sweat
Soaked garments, a little rest, then moving
For taking night meal, either cooked or
Purchased from hotels, then gossips with
Fellow roommates, or with wife or children
Tucking mobile phones into the ear, all time.  


Enough time spent on talking
Sometimes playing with grandson,                                                                               
Sometimes with wife’s emblazonment,
Within her talking habits while taking
Diabetic pills, she expresses she married
A demon, instead of human being,
She is living in his demonic plethora,
Enough has been done within joy of love.

Sweet passage passed over time
Fairness is just one year’s excitement,
Everything is out of reach, yet living together
Everybody is adult and argues with stripping pomp,
Setting of hearts another chapter
As if somebody takes away spilled water
Over orbit of the earth, now living with
Residuals of word, love, paying something hope.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Let me live alone
I do not take your ordinance
I am very alone
I do feel to live separate from my wife
She is living elsewhere away from here.
I am living now in a mess.

I choose one bed in a dormitory,
I choose to live alone
I do not want to see comfort of my bed ,
Doors, windows, concrete ceiling,
Of my home, it is now like a past,
I am away from home to check more deterioration of my situation,.

I said once,  my home is yours
Home is for my children, I built it for them,
Yet they believe I am snatching those shelters.
This idea is fully false, I believe them and try to explain them. 
Nobody listens to my good words, I still love them all.
And they show arrogance towards me.

I do not tolerate dominance,
I do still take care of self,
You cannot put vehemence,
I will live at distance instead,
Beyond surveillance of your whims,

My bed is single and I am always single. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014


An artist makes trust on
An idol of MotherDurga.
He makes sense in art work

For Her blessings to all on the earth. 

Note: Earlier poem,  MOTHER DURGA 

Monday, 1 September 2014


Color has emboldened
The truth and depth of motherly love,
In presence of priests, artists give chakshudan

You will stare us with blessings. 


First white paint
Looking transition
For arrival of MotherDurga

With beauty and grace, 


As artists are making the image
Of Devi Durga, I salute Mother Durga
In Her all forms and heavenly gestures

For peace and happiness on the earth. 

Friday, 29 August 2014


Before Her majestic arrival on the earth
The nature captures diversity in paddy
Cultivation, the blue sky filled with spongy
White clouds, and a little Kashful, those make
The way for preparation today before Devi Durga’s

Familial Mahalaya as mother this autumn. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Those are cultivators
Sowing sprouted paddy seeds
In watery ploughed field,
They will work till 4 PM.

I am moving in a bus
That is speeding high,  
Villages, cultivate meadows,
Electrical lines pass along.

Busy work in rainy season
Functioning through rain waters,
Putting tender roots
Through watery muddy ground.

I am one to capture picture of it
Eyes to see the working men, women,
While all are in exploring time,

Without food we cannot dream. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Rain just stops falling,
I come out from a shade of a shop
In the street of College Squire,
Kolkata gets path of swaying of rain.

I stop at College Squire Lake,
A mist hovers in circling strangeness,
Lake water cool and vibrant with little waves,
Magical moments, behold decent calmness.

Rain holds easiness upon the earth,
It is the source of charming apparel
In sequence of philosophical tune,
I just take the path of remembering

Of those days when I came here
For taking a dig into career
Forty five years back, and to me now
This lake is like something born

Behind glossary of connective terms
Those are still musical in heart of
Roving life with significant zeal to survive,

In the heights of remembering the past. 

Monday, 18 August 2014


Our bus follows destination,
Speed and sound of engine
Make us awake in lonesome expense,
Among greens both sides of road.

Looking through window
I find one lonely flower
Red in color in all green bushes
Not touched with peers for love,

That we need in great happiness,
With time of loveliness, alongside,
Mind knows wishes of green and red,

Yet I cannot touch the red heart. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Summer morning clouds,
Little, yet covering the sun
On the river Hoogly,
Buildings in Kolkata stand
On the bank in grey out line.

Thursday, 14 August 2014


I saw two cultivations -
Betel leaf and paddy corn in one field,
Both are close to each one’s clossy way,
One big covered zone for betel leaf,
Beneath the trees, and near by is an open  
Meadow filled with rain-waters,
Down to the enclosure lies
Ploughed earth for paddy cultivation,  
Both need plenty of water
For their food, breathing, growing.

Next to each one’s field, one note and one song, 
Next to each one’s share, one quotes and expectation, 
Next to each one’s life, one water, raising ground sensation, 
Next to each one’s visibility, one green and one perpetuation. 
A cool decision comes over life to move fast,
It is mood, food, boost, energy,
Those are caring for life and livelihood,
 Making everything touching in motion,
And as I was moving on within their territory,
I think of their silent co-existence,

No war, no bargaining in their firmament.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Assembly of tourists is thin.
Cloudy sky in rainy season,
People lower gathering
For viewing of wave of the sea
In its vastness, peak of
Circular drawing of life,
With the wind, mirror of assimilation,
Above the surface and water pathway,
People are waiting for time
And for weather fresh to see the sun-rise
And enjoy splash in the sea.

Touches of slate color of cloudy sky draw

A terrible sketch in scale of creating distance. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Window panes open
Bed-room of my friend’s cottage.  

Outside unknown flower blooming
In neighbor’s garden.  

Mind flows with crystal sentiment,
That pleads for freeness from cage.

The grills of window seem iron barricade,
Into mission of soluble wisdom, hindered.

Flashing outside with flowers and
Green leaves of banana tree conglomerate.

Mind moves child-like,
Amid pristine bait of imperial sentiment.   

“I do not tear you.” Mind tells to the nature. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014


With mind tangled in so many issues
It turned up to thinking maximum drills

I think to cut my head to tear up cord
To remove warring zeal and paramount shrill,

Eyes go outside window to find freshness,
It is the ripe nuts in the tree caught in prison

Of brick culture and brick sketching around,
As if the nut tree convicted to concrete structure

And it has to obey laws of brick diagonals,
Yet it gets food and water, and stands bold to produce

Its fruits amid walls, tearing upon the modernity
That image pierces me to think about ethos

And I may have points to say, yet I have context
To imagine and build organs of growing relationship

All around my enclosures, wherein I may be fruitful to
Assure the world that mind is wise to bring peace.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


My mind burns
All the way in my turns
There comes one moment
And that time I come
To the ocean with pains,
And tide after tide make
A way towards shore
And break over and over
Yet there is a triumph
And cannot refrain
From growing more tides
Time and again,
This makes me think
Dream has no wrath

Over time, tide and mind. 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


There is no rush
On the pavement at tourists’ spot,
Between waves and loneliness,
I sit alone on marble seats,
Beside Bay of Bengal beach,
With a pair of distinct beats,
One blue horizon,
The other concrete binding,
Through the nature,
Very close to sincerity and alacrity.

Sometimes people settle down
Within images in glass, light and color,
As wave settle down with breaks,
Sucked inside ocean’s gravity,
Each habit and each wave having duty,
To create inside and outside of events
In the world that we are inhabited
With the sense, having focus on pictures,
To kindle each side of smallest slideshow,
Like the ocean’s passage with time and wave.  

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


No, all tides are not broken,
Tides do not add up momentum there,
Scum is around, muddy sea water moving
Along the sea-line with shore, time of recess,

I have gathered tasks; just sit at sea side,
Coming here needs money, more needs are
With tasks of asking me within me,
Can clouded mind appeal for rest?

Can it wake up for prayer upon wind?
How things come here and make scum,
And goes beyond blue horizon, it is a beat
Upon sea-surface, and it takes rest for moments.

Deep into waters, resides one sentiment
That is peace, ahead of truncated dreams,
Money and mercy are two sides of the dipped aura,

Still I am in the game of planning and plundering. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014


Her coolness, after the art of killing demons,
is apt to sign the judge the world.
This feeling moves age after age,
picturing all wellness in Her looks
that prevails,
The world is Her region of conquers,
She looks at the glacier of life,
and cell formation,
At presence of Her Husband, Lord Shiva,
in thinking of life
and in removing darkness all over.

We are preparing to worship Her
in this October and attire Her
with respect and submission.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

সমুদ্রতটে স্নান

দুরের জাহাজ দেখে ভেবেছি
সমুদ্র, কত ইতিহাস গড়েছ তুমি,
কত জীবন, কত লোকালয় ভেঙ্গেছ,
ভাঙ্গতে ভাঙ্গতে এক পদচিহ্ন থেকে
অন্য পদচিহ্ন তুলে এনে সমগ্র চেতনায়,
সমুদ্রতট বেয়ে এক সভ্যতা ।

এক উপকূল অশান্ত হলে,
অন্য উপকূলে স্নানের পরিবেশ,
সকল মানুষের জন্য মৃদু মন্দ জলস্রোত,
ঢেউ-এর মধ্যে শরীর ভিজিয়ে
মাথা উঁচু করে উঠে দাঁড়ানো
সবই ছুটছে ঘোড়ার লাগাম ধরে ।

জনপদ পেরিয়ে আমিও এসেছি
সমুদ্রতটের উন্মেষ ও প্রলোভন
কিছু কথা বলা ও শোনার জন্য
গতানুগতিক ভাঙ্গন ছাড়িয়ে একটু বাইরে -
সমুদ্র, তোমার কাছে এসেছি,
তোমার বিশাল পরিধি, ঢেউয়ের গর্জনে আমি স্নাত ।

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Pleasantly my eyes catch the greener leaves
And more radiant petals at my first entry in the garden
That my father-in-law left behind his passing away,
Still the garden catches eyes through green grasses
And beautiful flowers in rainy season, it takes admitted
Praise from visitors who come here time to time.

Flowers bloom, petals get wet in raindrops for you,
Honey bees do come and enjoy honey in luster of
Defining preaches as heaven has created its beauty

Upon the earth, we see and move in realm of inspiration. 

Monday, 14 July 2014


সারাজীবন হাঁটতে গিয়ে
থেমে যাই রাতের আকাশের দিকে তাকিয়ে
শুভ্র বসনে চাঁদ যেন ঢেকে দিল আমার পথ |

গাঢ় অন্ধকার চারিদিক,
ঝলসানো মুখটাও দেখা যায় না,
অবসাদ যেন বলে দেয়,
কেন এই পথ হাঁটা ? আকাশটাও পর হয়ে গেছে |

যখন ভাবছি, কেন এই পথ হাঁটবো ?
চাঁদ যেন সমস্ত অন্ধকার বনাঞ্চল আড়াল করে
এক টুকরো শুভ্র প্রতিফলকে দিয়ে গেল জীবনছবি |

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Five minutes ago I find the moon
The silver semicircle object illuminated
And I catch the scene with my camera,
And now I find moon is shadowed
In the rainy cloud, disturbs my mind
In that the journey the moon takes
Its silver thread is cut off by hurried cloud,
I am only observer, cannot direct whole

Universe to clean up the atmosphere for me only. 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Tiny rain drops, tiny leaves hold the bliss
Wider preference, wider dwindle for the life,
To play inner beauty holding the key

For proud and rejoice of the rainy season.  

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I am not denounced by other ways of life
I am always looking for decency of thinking
And loving zone of working people or
For those who are near and dear to me.

Yet clouds come in different ways,
I cannot cut them, who come violently,
Encroaching over my region of life,
People are prone to interfere all the time.

As I look into the clouds, I see beauty,
The sun behind the cloud, illuminating body
Of the cloud, near or afar, defining colors,
And the life is beautiful, if I think of these verses.

This world becomes more stringent to obey,
Being senior one, I do like to give advice to all,
Colors are there to follow in hearts and minds,
Yet there is difference in every move, significant.


There is construction in the dark cloud
Magic information old building shares,
Noting 64 seconds over traffic halts, for
Beginning of journey, city-streets perform.

Dark shade pointed to formation of water
In the rainy season, darkness hovering around,
Rain will come down with dancing bounce,
Life begins in a chain of communication

With hot weather of summer, an integrated
Affirmation with life’s sentiment for best guides,
We are on the way to make halts in raindrops’ verse,
For another passage that leads to our existence in the hearts.