Saturday, 30 June 2012


Sometimes she appears in web page,
And puts messages those are full of loneliness,
Words spark as pearls, reflecting them as sentiments,
Those are natural for one who lives in solitude.

She says she feels, none to take her for fun,
Her children are growing up first to create own circles,
She wants to dress up and go out with one man’s choice,
Loving is best thing when caring and raising children are complete.

She feels she has no camera for his living,
And all syllables are blank on open page affection,
She wants friendship, in web page or in real page of existence,
Her private desires are not met, she binds nothing.

She likes to wink, but something is not with her,
The crowd is not her liking, but singing mind does dominate her will,
Life goes with a symbol that she wants to build,
Yet none is there on the shore of her love.

She clicks on web page, and chooses some pictured messages,
Life is in waiting as she feels in her age of mid thirties,
That part is something for her to deal with fantasy or with reality,
Putting some thoughts over her deepening sentiments, loving arguments.

She knows there are many more lonely persons,
And she is one of them to take breath, allowing someone as dream partner,
She wants to keep her alive in the wave that has power,
And she will search for love that may bring her a position drawn as millionth bliss.

Friday, 29 June 2012


Water and demand
Are two domains,
We leap for living potential,
In the ceaseless natural gains of two essentials.

We are in force to consume
On these two worldly objects,
When speak of life and its spectrum,
Under guidance of consciousness.

All our progress and essence of love
Move on the silent pathway of two objects,
Water and demand,
Those are ascending upward in our breathing. 


First having moved in the friendship chart, love is web page search,
It unfolds some mystery conversations with checking edge of like and unlike buttons,
When all posts are full of verse that communicates eye to eye matters.
And we are not alone to grow up in shares and participation of love-force.

We move on delicate terms hanging on innovatively with posts with photos,
As if we are lovers and dwell in white covers and our world village is silent,
Where love is only concern, and we do like to accept changed version of modern age,
And its contacts with our daily life and breathing difference do propagate love.

The man or the woman has the place where both do love to think in fusion,
Diving into the love in wishing and wishes of tasks in silver transition,
And a fear of losing something with dark-haired hidden intruder
Who is not seen, the war then comes in front of love with conscious words of friendship.  

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


She woke up in the night and placed some lazy thoughts on bed,
He kept thinking on her arrival, and she desired to arrive in time,
It was a dream that she took as real when she woke up, and
She did not bind him in promises; she felt how tenderly he received her.

She remained mute and cannot say, “O honey, you are mine.”
He did not go away, but remained to take up all her desires as own,
She was close to him, and wanted to spend time in openness,
He was his partner, whom she wanted to know as her unconditional choice.

He saved her from the grim portrait of love and liked her as lover,
She felt new breathing in his arm-binding, the sentence she liked to utter,
She failed to say anything to him, though she knew he might believe her.
She combed his hair, and left the place with a kiss to him, loving dream is flower.

Saturday, 23 June 2012


She is young and pretty,
She wants to choose a friend
And her love-choice can live in her dreams,
She loves to choose her partner.

She has charms to share with him,
She is not jealous, if someone steals her choice,
She thinks her love cannot be parted away,
She likes to swim into silence among stars.

She thinks strange things come
And these are the source of love,
Attention and participation are part of love,
She wants to live in her desires.

One day she just makes a choice
To someone who comes to her in web page pictures,
And photos are of a strong man
That she wants for own womanhood.

When she considers making him partner,
She finds something strange in his wording,
And she feels she is her second guessing,
She is not his best choice, she hates leisure choice.

She feels romance is creative in first choice
If presence of her lover is close to her touch,
And two persons remain together to feel love,
Distant feeling is a joking, her love not fondly cared.

She then tries to fill her web search
With her wide arm’s presence of sharing,
And she can invest her taste with words,
“Please give me your hands to touch.”

She likes the episode of serving him best
When he holds her by her belly in his arm,
She feels his sweet fingers moving sportingly,
And she can whisper, “Please give me more hope.” 


She comes in my dreams,
She moves in my eyes, as she comes in web page,
As if she is dancing with honey spins,
Gleamed in love, first seedling in love-vine. 

I do not want to miss her,
I want to inhabit in her wishes,
Her body is like a feather weight wonders,
I like to have her fortune open before my vision.

I love her,
She blushes in her sweet smiling,
Wide range of spectrum of colors opens her,
She is my lover; she is close to my heart.

She sometimes puts messages in web page,
I like those words that suit my desires,
I feel chances are there to hold her tight,
Dream is not it as life is inward sense,

And I feel it in my skins, and dwell in knowledge,
That inwardly controls love to love her,
She is charming when she posts photos in web page,
I love her; I care her as she is my inner controller. 


The wrath the common folks cannot show in public,
As it is the paradise of the lords brought to higher echelons,
Who are the peers of the commons, and kings of the mercy,
Save the public ethos, so they are promised, common folks in quandary.

What those lords do suggest are all manners,
Common folks obey orders blissfully sanctioned by those kings,
Who have game plans, lifting own banners higher above folks’ desires,
And these banners are proud of hollowness, yet filled with lords’ benefits.

Love your leader; earn something for your love,
Switch over estate purchase, learn to have worthiness, living in plenty is love’ gain,
Love to feel proud to earn vistas of emperor’s designs, in worth and on high altitude,
So that common folks can see you and honor you for your living flourished as fair.

Going above from common folks’ selection and perseverance,
These lords have greater power for carbon emission, over little spot of folks,
Facilities are fully growing curves, as if living in kings’ domain with plenty of resources, 
The common folks have only vanity to live with scanty grants given by the lords.   

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Many days I pass in silence since my brother died by heat stroke, 
Happy memories of life time of my brother touch me all time,
He was young in his fifties, much younger to me, and he makes me silent,
Not to think anything of the world in light of fame.

I do not feel any urge to type any word so long,
Yellow feeling and black sentencing touch my mind in the dark sun,
I am flowing like blank canvas in body and mind,
Focal point has driven my mind to the world of loss, no gains.

I do not follow the light that lights the world,
Time and desert have scorched me in the burning wave of the deprived,
The breathing and horizon of life has taken my feeling to unlucky spirit,
That brings no shades of colors of our existence, as if I am fade and skin peeled.

Friday, 15 June 2012


I remember my brother,
Who passed away in dead of summer,
I looked at the flame
When his dead body was burnt in holy fire,
The red flame open in the sky
Taking his soul in the heaven,
I remember his call, “O Brother.”
When he wanted to speak something to me in the past.

Tears will remain attached to our eyes;
We are holding his memories on homily occasions.
The days I will pass, I feel now I am alone,
To live with all decisions, no companion,
And I will adore all his memories
That will give me a moment’s existence of his life and face,
And I will never forget his last smile
That I saw when he had last visits my home in one occasion.  

Now ashes are there,
We walk to do ritual works, and put some flowers,
And offer rice and ghee
To give his soul emancipation from worldly flame,
So that his soul may rest in peace in the heaven,
And the ash caries on the earth
His impression on worldly affairs, objects, touches, walks -
All are humble memories of his existence in the past

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


The greatest sorrows are those which
Are spellbound and have no scope to take attempts for survival.
And every event is worn new by one
Who suffers, and sees helplessly everything, and cannot bring back
Tomorrow’s presence, and lives with memories in tears.  

Where lives are gone, familiar faces do not choose me as own.