Thursday, 21 June 2012


Many days I pass in silence since my brother died by heat stroke, 
Happy memories of life time of my brother touch me all time,
He was young in his fifties, much younger to me, and he makes me silent,
Not to think anything of the world in light of fame.

I do not feel any urge to type any word so long,
Yellow feeling and black sentencing touch my mind in the dark sun,
I am flowing like blank canvas in body and mind,
Focal point has driven my mind to the world of loss, no gains.

I do not follow the light that lights the world,
Time and desert have scorched me in the burning wave of the deprived,
The breathing and horizon of life has taken my feeling to unlucky spirit,
That brings no shades of colors of our existence, as if I am fade and skin peeled.


  1. Blessings My Friend, May you again sing the song that lights the day with love unfolding come what may... May your heart dance to the searing flame of the truth you share knowing we are One in all and all in One...

    ...Living and loving come what may under the risen sun. Peace & Plenty Dance, leela

    1. I am moved with your comments, dear poet and friend, Leela Alvarez

  2. An exceptional work about rebirth and renewal. I especially love the use of the colors, although I may be interpreting them from an English perspective. I see Yellow as fear or unease, Black as mourning and separation. Am I correct in my assumptions?

  3. Oh, and welcome to the Poet's Haven on Linked In. I am certain your contributions will be appreciated, as well as your comments.

  4. An unusual piece of work, yet so expressive. Your heart of many colors shows here...blessings my friend.

  5. I think many of us see our life's as colors. Some are bright with happyiness, others darker when life takes it's toll on us. Like smooth skin that has taken on rinkles of struggles. The depth of our souls shows in our eyes. Our hands hold our pens, our minds tell our stories from our hearts that ache for once what was. Loss of a loved one regardless of who they were casts shadows of colors in momories...My heart goes out to yours.....