Friday, 29 June 2012


First having moved in the friendship chart, love is web page search,
It unfolds some mystery conversations with checking edge of like and unlike buttons,
When all posts are full of verse that communicates eye to eye matters.
And we are not alone to grow up in shares and participation of love-force.

We move on delicate terms hanging on innovatively with posts with photos,
As if we are lovers and dwell in white covers and our world village is silent,
Where love is only concern, and we do like to accept changed version of modern age,
And its contacts with our daily life and breathing difference do propagate love.

The man or the woman has the place where both do love to think in fusion,
Diving into the love in wishing and wishes of tasks in silver transition,
And a fear of losing something with dark-haired hidden intruder
Who is not seen, the war then comes in front of love with conscious words of friendship.  

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