Saturday, 23 June 2012


The wrath the common folks cannot show in public,
As it is the paradise of the lords brought to higher echelons,
Who are the peers of the commons, and kings of the mercy,
Save the public ethos, so they are promised, common folks in quandary.

What those lords do suggest are all manners,
Common folks obey orders blissfully sanctioned by those kings,
Who have game plans, lifting own banners higher above folks’ desires,
And these banners are proud of hollowness, yet filled with lords’ benefits.

Love your leader; earn something for your love,
Switch over estate purchase, learn to have worthiness, living in plenty is love’ gain,
Love to feel proud to earn vistas of emperor’s designs, in worth and on high altitude,
So that common folks can see you and honor you for your living flourished as fair.

Going above from common folks’ selection and perseverance,
These lords have greater power for carbon emission, over little spot of folks,
Facilities are fully growing curves, as if living in kings’ domain with plenty of resources, 
The common folks have only vanity to live with scanty grants given by the lords.   

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