Friday, 15 June 2012


I remember my brother,
Who passed away in dead of summer,
I looked at the flame
When his dead body was burnt in holy fire,
The red flame open in the sky
Taking his soul in the heaven,
I remember his call, “O Brother.”
When he wanted to speak something to me in the past.

Tears will remain attached to our eyes;
We are holding his memories on homily occasions.
The days I will pass, I feel now I am alone,
To live with all decisions, no companion,
And I will adore all his memories
That will give me a moment’s existence of his life and face,
And I will never forget his last smile
That I saw when he had last visits my home in one occasion.  

Now ashes are there,
We walk to do ritual works, and put some flowers,
And offer rice and ghee
To give his soul emancipation from worldly flame,
So that his soul may rest in peace in the heaven,
And the ash caries on the earth
His impression on worldly affairs, objects, touches, walks -
All are humble memories of his existence in the past

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