Monday, 29 September 2014


Cloud simmers with rain
Wind blows it past hills and plains
Nostalgic is greens
It’s rice harvesting season
All are expecting raining. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


While returning from GIPF-2014, Mrs. Deeya Bhattacharya, Poet, Critic, Teacher of English, reads poems of Asim Kumar Paul and of Ketaki Datta, writer and poet, in a poetry reading session in the moving Falaknuma Express Train. Here is one movie of her reading.  NOW IT IS THAT BLOGGER UPLOADING LIMIT IS 100 MB, I have to take help of YouTube.

Monday, 22 September 2014

READING A POEM OR WRITING A POEM ( a poetry reading session at GIPF-2014)

Reading a poem or writing a poem
It is like raining on leaves of mind
As the sun emits sun-rays as essence

The moon reflects them in silence. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014


On the way to
International Poetry Festival 2014 at Guntur, AP, India
I am amazed with white kash flowers
Those are blooming on the earth,
A natural line drawn with musical transition
To the autumn to greet Mother Durga. 

It is also season of poetry
And we are moving to Guntur, to hear and expect
Tune of voices of gathering poets who will read
Their own poems with ideas and hope for living
With forward journey of life and expectancy,
Having likelihood and livelihood of the universe.

Monday, 15 September 2014



The city is busy, people are busy,
Desire has one dimensional spirit
Just finish the work, and return home.
There is no miracle, only routine work.
Lodging only first priority for staying night,
Food is bound to be taken in roadside hotels
Or cooking sometimes available that roommates
Make the arrangement, own performance.

The account what they do in working days,
They go out in the morning for work-place
How deep they feel in their life of speedy schedules
Bosses, workers, roads, busses, trains, vehicles
Run run run, sounds of a groaning city,
Packed busses, sweating, songs in the mobile phones,
Engagements - all run on the day time
They return in the evening, just in the room,
Beds, side by side, cots, just throwing away sweat
Soaked garments, a little rest, then moving
For taking night meal, either cooked or
Purchased from hotels, then gossips with
Fellow roommates, or with wife or children
Tucking mobile phones into the ear, all time.  


Enough time spent on talking
Sometimes playing with grandson,                                                                               
Sometimes with wife’s emblazonment,
Within her talking habits while taking
Diabetic pills, she expresses she married
A demon, instead of human being,
She is living in his demonic plethora,
Enough has been done within joy of love.

Sweet passage passed over time
Fairness is just one year’s excitement,
Everything is out of reach, yet living together
Everybody is adult and argues with stripping pomp,
Setting of hearts another chapter
As if somebody takes away spilled water
Over orbit of the earth, now living with
Residuals of word, love, paying something hope.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Let me live alone
I do not take your ordinance
I am very alone
I do feel to live separate from my wife
She is living elsewhere away from here.
I am living now in a mess.

I choose one bed in a dormitory,
I choose to live alone
I do not want to see comfort of my bed ,
Doors, windows, concrete ceiling,
Of my home, it is now like a past,
I am away from home to check more deterioration of my situation,.

I said once,  my home is yours
Home is for my children, I built it for them,
Yet they believe I am snatching those shelters.
This idea is fully false, I believe them and try to explain them. 
Nobody listens to my good words, I still love them all.
And they show arrogance towards me.

I do not tolerate dominance,
I do still take care of self,
You cannot put vehemence,
I will live at distance instead,
Beyond surveillance of your whims,

My bed is single and I am always single. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014


An artist makes trust on
An idol of MotherDurga.
He makes sense in art work

For Her blessings to all on the earth. 

Note: Earlier poem,  MOTHER DURGA 

Monday, 1 September 2014


Color has emboldened
The truth and depth of motherly love,
In presence of priests, artists give chakshudan

You will stare us with blessings. 


First white paint
Looking transition
For arrival of MotherDurga

With beauty and grace, 


As artists are making the image
Of Devi Durga, I salute Mother Durga
In Her all forms and heavenly gestures

For peace and happiness on the earth.