Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Tiny rain drops, tiny leaves hold the bliss
Wider preference, wider dwindle for the life,
To play inner beauty holding the key

For proud and rejoice of the rainy season.  

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I am not denounced by other ways of life
I am always looking for decency of thinking
And loving zone of working people or
For those who are near and dear to me.

Yet clouds come in different ways,
I cannot cut them, who come violently,
Encroaching over my region of life,
People are prone to interfere all the time.

As I look into the clouds, I see beauty,
The sun behind the cloud, illuminating body
Of the cloud, near or afar, defining colors,
And the life is beautiful, if I think of these verses.

This world becomes more stringent to obey,
Being senior one, I do like to give advice to all,
Colors are there to follow in hearts and minds,
Yet there is difference in every move, significant.


There is construction in the dark cloud
Magic information old building shares,
Noting 64 seconds over traffic halts, for
Beginning of journey, city-streets perform.

Dark shade pointed to formation of water
In the rainy season, darkness hovering around,
Rain will come down with dancing bounce,
Life begins in a chain of communication

With hot weather of summer, an integrated
Affirmation with life’s sentiment for best guides,
We are on the way to make halts in raindrops’ verse,
For another passage that leads to our existence in the hearts.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


She is new in this journey
This time she has to return home
She falls in anxious waiting when
Her eyes has caught a moving bus
That she longs to get ride on
To go to the railway station,
That connects to her home station,
But the bus does not stop at stand,
And she becomes annoyed and
Ridiculed at this pattern of stumble
Over bus, that is playing on stance. 

Commuters stand cool over time
Their bus-routs are known and when
The scheduled bus comes
They get on board, as destined to,
And reach home sooner or later.
She sees buses running with haste
Lifting passengers in rush,
Grasping moments,
Light and shadow point towards time,
Somehow to reach home,

All time in hurry.


First rain drifted over the land of cultivation,
This time it lays an emphatic shower for
A green blanket stretched to horizon,
Water makes lotus seeds sprout, and fills all
Nearby ditches with water, to the brim,
Lotus stem holds leaf floating,
Making them get bloomed on water-island.
Farmers start tilting mud on paddy field,
As if light reflected on water drops in cloud
To form green light passing through
Prism of life that carries singing of life,
What journey is is for life’s turn,
Meaning to go on to possess long wing,
Ahead of our dreams, to live with food grains. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


No, she does not want to walk with me
As her attempts finds no categorical stand for her in me.
At her every turn, there is construction, she finds
No model persona in me, at least partly to follow. 

She wants to walk alone, ignoring my presence,
Her mind blooms to find the nature of modernization, walking
Along the road that is busy, dream is still there where

We are destined to live in never-ending-township tossing. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Cloud, which I want to shift
Layer by layer
To our sky at behest of root
Of our mind
To travel along blue horizon,
With my hands
To live as if it is our shelter
Beyond houses below
As if white mountain there
Takes us above the sky
Stars are nearer
Dreams are close to reality
Getting close to
Sunrays, full dominion
Celestial events drawn close
Into our touch for sure,
Myths do not lure anymore.