Saturday, 31 May 2014


Krishnachura no longer in the firmament
At summer’s ending with cloud’s hovering,
Yet little bunches of red asylum still prevails,
Like taking a little flight at the grace of longing,
Let summer welcome rainy season’s vow.

Mind is open to greet rain, and rain waits to wet
Roots of tree that may give blooming more red
In space of the blue and the red in connoisseurs
Of life’s travel through the nature - lighting and breathing,
That we like to have with silver and diamond rewarding.

This music in a string, visual presence shows grand
As lore of mother earth we hear beside our stand
The pleasant melody filling our existence within,
A cluster of cloud splendor of white screening

With redness in mind to greet new season’s dreaming. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014


These clouds come out from the water of the earth,
They have thoroughfare, as programmed in air-path,
Tossed like tottered walks, yet firm with whitewash,
Making jewel of hovering water, quenching our thirst.

The blue has got the heart to hold them at far,
There they do move in freedom of mind we do search,
Here we upon the earth see their moment of purge
Forming water bubbles, to pour in ponds, tulip and 

Rivers and bodies of the earth, we see through window,
Falling of rain, daisies of life, that we soak in mind,
In dream of life, new life, dwell with founding terms,
Those we build in our source of diamond murmurs. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


This cloud reminds me
When I was in my childhood,
Mother said I was young
To know the world,
Sometimes it is playful
Sometimes it is hurtful
Sometimes it is soothing,
Sometimes it is benign,
But many times it is bliss.

Cloud makes us turn to look
At the life’s vision,
Leading to a standard life,
That is amused with time,
For that reason we do well
And we feel tenderness of blessing
When cloud bursts into rain,
And the world rejoice
With all that it holds on surface.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


You are more volatile than summer persists
And so is our breathing, then in heavy rain,
Wet blanket covers sea of warm house-boxes,
Green turns greener, clouds pull coolness,

I am enjoying view of sublime, hovering clouds. 

Friday, 9 May 2014


Cover page of my 4th self-published poetry book

After returning from hospital
She once said
“I cannot approach for death,
I have just to return to my life.”

Then she goes for taking rest
She goes with start to cry
That she has lost such vigor
All her recognition violated.

All her thirty two years of marriage
All her generation thinking
All her work for home and husband
Lying on cinder of unwanted invaders.

“I do not want to flee,
And tell all invaders that
Sanctity of my bedroom not to be violated
System of my kitchen room not to be rubbished.”

All her wishes are dismissed
In the firmament of generation wilderness
Liking of elderly generation’s work still moribund
Yet she lives with pains.

Poet Kapardeli Eftichia has translated the poem POETRY ALBUM BRACING THE SPINE in Greek