Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Everyone thinks 
I am burden of everyone
I am conduit of nothingness
My grey hair, pinched skin, not their choice,
I am morbid rostrum in their eyes,
I cannot support their lineage,
I cannot hold their esteem,
As if I am an opulent moratorium,
I am like a feeble water melon,
It can be easily broken
And be thrown out of their wits,
And some rotten parts cannot be put
Into an aluminum foil to parcel
For their pleasure and consumption,
I am not their Rupees stores,
I am shards, no dream within.

In me they find frustrating evolution.
Care for life has different meaning to them,
I cannot put will in them,
They do not make much of my love
What I wish and what I desire,
I only put poor show for their vigor.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Short story slam week 63: VALENTINE’S DAY

Picture Credit: Bluebell Books Twitter Club-Jay Friedenberg's haiku cover image  
# 1
Winter, a piano,
She plays it, like a little girl,
Brave smiling.

# 2
Her mind, a coin,
It drops tune on the keyboard,
Listening, talking.

# 3
She is in herself,
Music of flying together,
Glinted in loving tale.

Monday, 6 February 2017


Went up to these stairs for acknowledging woman-power,  
Went for praying to walk for life, as it is not easy going,
Went for needs to acquire peace, yet not achieved by own deeds,
Went to know the future for which I have paid, yet darkness exists,
Went to see smiling in children’s eyes, near relations denouncing,
Went to forget that neighbors are pinching, armed guards preventing,
Walking with flowers and offerings in a basket is orange zeal, twittering.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Charley Harper Amadillo Atuffed Animals, image credit by Nod Koala, Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 61

Original Script of the poem in this format:

The poem:

Hope you are a sequence,
It is playing with a toy animal,
Just a different kind of mind of subconsciousness,
And you enter there as you are a child. 
You are at your playing probable and
You just say, “I will be a train driver.
And drive animals for realization.”
We find a dream in your childhood,
Beginning of life you just begin,
Just a different idea in perceived playing,
You dream, as if you swim pointing to maturity,
As you are a child. 
People standing before you see purpose,
Just they hold smart cell phones,
Take pictures of you for sharing all
In social web sites, and in this era
Profession and procession just move
Across the land of new generations
And paving of new passages of
Embankment, we still behold our tenderness,
Imaging that on new parabolic path, you do stand.  

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Everyone understands everything,
Words are on everyone’s tongue,
Someone utters
Someone listens
Contradictions are everywhere,
None sees the whole tree,
Everyone sees only flowers,
None does know darker side of green,
Everyone sees deep green leaves,
And bees hovering over colorful flowers.

Everyone speaks about truth,
Gathering crowd mixes in broils,
Morning song, midnight song,
Are all dropping words, with tunes,
Those are not like that of bees,
But like pursuits of bout,
Coming from a land of puzzled whispers,
Clandestinely uttered by blood sellers,
Who are nearest to everyone, but

Everyone is blind to detect ill voyeurs. 

Saturday, 14 January 2017


I can say anything I like,
I can promise anything I retrieve,
I can declare anything I envisage,
You are at liberty to examine me,                                             
No matter to me if you believe me.
No matter to me if you distrust me,
I do not mind if you discard me,
Your verdict upon me is conducive,
On this platform I do hold authority,
You can retain universality,
It may differ to my concept,
Contradiction is way of life.

Imagine I am like an effigy,
To guard golden paddy field,
I stand against corn theft or
To be eaten away by tricky birds,
I love birds, they may come around
My temple that I built for masses.

You crack a water layer, and
I put one glass barrier, and compress you
So as to not to get you involved in flares
That can burn vessels, and can disrupt my fair ride,
Because you cannot judge a swallowing black hole,
On the foreground where I am all in dominance,
I judge blotted whims and show all your plums.

How many of you can think of an act
That when expressed can tarnish minds of people,
Yet you cannot speak of it in loud voice
But I can use that table as doormat,
It is my way to act according to my will,                                  
So that any joke I make is vocabulary to the extreme,

I can create an effigy of my own
You have to worship it even if you improvise it,
Many people just think to give this effigy
To their next generations those who, in turn, be delighted
To know that history has turns, heroes are created on trial,

On capturing images of this effigy to be held aloft. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Culture, religion and tour at Tarapith, West Bengal, India, on the eve of New Year 2017.


He does believe
Dogs are not only domesticated
But also figuring out to be the form of God,
And when this stray dog came suddenly
To his side, that he did not mistake it
As it is a casual loyalty.  He rendered
His hands to cover the dog by a black shawl,
To protect it from winter weather,
Till the dog disappeared on its own,
And he is overwhelmed in its sudden
Appearance and thinks he is blessed
By heaven to have this opportunity by TARA MA. 

Note: It happened to me to be present at Tantric temple and its adjoining cremation grounds (where sādhanā are performed - Wikipedia) at Tarapith, Birbhum district, West Bengal, INDIA, on the eve of 1st January, 2017 when TARA MA SANGHA, Shyamazar, Kolkata organized 40th anniversary there with colorful events and I have enjoyed it and took snap shots and a short video recording of those events. -  Asim Kumar Paul, 07.01.2017