Saturday, 28 March 2020


I believe in nature’s pride,
Because it doesn’t act and
Pin its creation wrong way,
Flowers are in full bloom,
And not drugged to stone,
Universe is not breaking.
We are breaking, without
Touch, being confined in
Quarantine, as we denied
Our existence, so absorbed
In distancing ourselves,
Our activity somewhere
Collapsed, we are terrified.

Being captured in flowers’
Soothing soul, I find a big
Entrepreneur, nature is the
Castle that brings hope
And confidence of our
Survival in silent answer.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020


I always move for surprised moments around me, even leaving behind what I have acquired on this earth. The people around me become annoyed with me, they live vehemently with their way of thinking. And I feel loneliness. Such was the day on 31st December, 2019 and New Year's Day, 2020, too, at Digha. Completely alone with myself only all the way with my low priced DSLR. It was my great experience to stay, at the age of seventy years, in winter at sea beach from 9 pm in the night to following day till 7.30 am, wearing only one small single sweater when atmospheric temperature was 12 degree Centigrade at the sea beach. There was a big experience, in the bus, while talking with a young girl of 1st year student M.Sc. in Vijayanagar University. Thereafter, I sat down on the sitting attire in the modern open auditorium in the Digha sea beach where I met  families, younger youths to talk about love and age, children's guidance, also heard quarrel between a family whether they would buy a Audi car or a BMW car, that was a short spell, I felt some king of distance in them to talk with others if one approaches for mare acquaintance., I did not hear nothing more than that. One coffee boy vendor expressed how his fellow boy vendors were evacuated from their vending places, and he is lucky one to get one space just place his coffee machine to sell coffee to tourists.. and found a large numbers of  young generation enjoying whole night moving on the sea beach road with sounds of the sea wave, twisted with valiant north cold breeze, along with cultural function with fire works, There was effective and sharp police patrolling. I sat on the sitting concrete chair for long time looking at the sea waves in the dark, in searching I can deliberately capture dream of a beautiful life and future with poetic specific poetic image. When I felt cold and fingers were not responsive, I got up from the concrete chair and walked with speed to drive out cold feeling in the body, and after gap of about fifteen minutes, I got warmed and returned to the previous place to sit. And I observed in this time, I had walked about three kilometers at a stretch, but no sweating. And I then felt I am green and tender plant may shoot growing to write another poem to go through my mind. I can run away from family but cannot run away from odds of life and I have to challenge them with aspirations. This simple narrative strikes my mind that time.