Friday, 28 September 2018

The corridor where Poets and Poetry are honored. Something so beautiful for poetry lovers, too, till date.

Poets and Poetry are honored. 
It meets music of poetry. 
Only reading poetry, for three days, 
of invited poets, with a little cultural ambiance, 
no registration fee for poet delegates, 
free A-class accommodation for outstation invited poets, 
free tiffin, lunch and dinner for them, 
free contributor’s copy of the published anthology. 
Invited poets as participants have to bear travelling cost up and down to venue. 
The corridor is Guntur International Poetry Fest, conducted by
Prof. P. Gopichand and Prof. P. Nagasuseela of JKC College, 
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Beautiful free accommodation provided, shared with poet Biswanath Kundu and me. 

Saturday, 25 August 2018


Away from old home, age being melting gold,
Searching for service in a new home,
With all sides open and loving companion
Those I want at least for last lap of my journey,
I roam from place to place with wishes
And with eyes to feel cool in new establishment
Away from burnt quotes those are still spilling
Over mind, not even blanketed being staying
Outside of old periphery scarcely three years ago,
I want to have a shelter for pleasant sun,
To love and to live there with peace
And beautiful caring personnel in that home,
That I have dreamed to live for rest of life,
But I am not blessed with vision to be reality,
As every moment I arrive at a historical epitaph,
That makes new generations alert, life is short,
And life can’t be free from pain and anxiety,
Always it favors to breathe in smoke, mingled.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A prayer to God cannot be waste.

“A prayer to God cannot be waste.”
                  - Dr. M. Thirumeni

When I was on verge of frustration,
Crawling over moratorium on my heart,
Moon is not shining well in the night,
Mind not in conversation with me,
I sat on a red platform of stone Shwasan Kali,
Burning mind like candle glows with amber, 
My mobile phone started ringing,
One voice just uttered one sentence,
“A prayer to God cannot be waste.”
Advice just poured in my ear,
Something would come out from prayer
When I pray to God, and put me
In the realm of fulfillment, sooner or later.
And the voice disappeared instantly.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


A family has members, and
They are like flowers, protected by
Nearest papaya-tree-trunks, a society
Holding them, as if they are
Mighty scintillating and big hands,
Swinging and dancing in cool breeze,
From childhood to adulthood,
Bounded by walls of home,
Or boundary walls, those are
Usually built by human being,
Spreading to many things,
And this strangeness originates
Livelihood, performing, swimming,
When other members are onlookers, in peace,
Either in the sea, beach being resting place,
Or in the distress, other people spread hands,
For recovery, bringing peace and panacea,
Here lies longing for living in
The ocean or on the ground.

Saturday, 12 May 2018


Art Picture Credit: Shymal Bera 


“…..As God’s will, I am a simple mother, a simple familial partner, not wise enough to guide you all the time, because you are grown enough to be an adult one who is an ample sapphire attaining age of getting married, and you are earning money by dint of your courage, struggle and merit.  

I have real experience of life in my life. We always believe that father is the head and mother is the heart of a family. And I have fought a real war. As a human being I have similar wishes for my life to live with my father and mother, but that did not happen, my mother died earlier, and I felt no attraction to go home, as our family was not at the same mark of other families, yet I have to go for my father, and I share everything with him, a feeling of loss of enjoyment prevailed in my mind when I was young. After that I have got married, and then my situation has been changed.

You has just passed mid 20 year of age, it is right time for getting married. Your father and I want to have one lovely woman in your life. If you don’t get married now, how we can see a lovely woman in your life, and in our family, too. And this young lady will be heart of the total family. Just think one occasion, when your father was sick, we are all him. Ups and downs are always with our life. Still there is dream. Just think who will stand by you in bad situations, when we are running all time with these. And on the other hand, who will stand during your good times, to enrich your happiness. I think a man without wife is only a soldier to lift a lid of skeleton in the battle field. I, as mother, do not want that.  

I will not tell you to think again and again, I wish to share my experience, so far I have contacted different families for negotiations of your marriage, because I think it is our i.e. parent’s duty to get their sons settled with income, marriage, and home. And in such type of negotiations, after getting our information, no one feel the urge to make a return call to us, taking it as matter of courtesy. Even they are highly believer of horoscope, gon, caste, and any one did not make me any return call. Even in a case, someone had asked me about salary at the first chance, and did not call twice.  Someone was not willing to change one’s work place, the groom has to change his working place, someone asked me to know your gon like, Debgon, Norgan, Rakshasgan, and horoscope will be studied.

My son, I am still searching one family who will simply call me in turn and show their interest. Surely the bride will be matching with your status and wishes.

Please don’t hesitate to inform me if you find someone to be your bride of your choice and wishes.

WITH LOVE .........”