Wednesday, 29 July 2015


I first went to this garden,
Green greets me, I respect it,
Coconut and betel nut trees are in queue,
With attention, I moved into it.

In its singing blitz,
Pets are also inhabitants,
A symbol that reveals continuity,
Translating truth in reality.

Assimilation, a trait inside,
A kind of morphemes of life,
Consciousness being present,
A dream turns into congruent fullness.  

Monday, 27 July 2015


All passages are extended.

Floating of plane mounts on air
Journey is unbeaten beat
Upon the air, the green, the blue, and the cloud,
And upon the earth
Life journey drives an extended form of tension
It goes turbulently.

On the earth
Motoring hazards, mass hesitation,
In heart, in mind, and in body,
Sliding on stirred participation,
The sun being power driving,
Converts everything and prepares
Potential wonders,
Close to the earth,
Yet far away from our reach for certainty,

We stride for forbearance.

Friday, 24 July 2015


It is my dream stone,
This image makes me think of sun-rays, focus of those
Rays makes me of thinking of symbol of dynasty
Of past regime of creation, alongside meaning of life
In green foliage, it stands there for thousand years
Pertaining to many evolution of mankind and its dynasty,
It stands straight on my way and I cannot remove it.
I see it stronger than my effort to carry with dreams,
It does not need to be moved as it is not for sale,
Yet human being makes ponderous efforts to buy and sell
Its magnanimity, with price system, for use of ore it holds.

I have not seen its tears, in my life time,
But tears are there, I feel it, and cannot soothe its grief,
I go home, work for mine, quench thirst for me, yet
I do not see its emotion any time, so powerful it is to exist.
On my way, I talk to it, but it does not need to talk or write,
As we are all in its vicinity, we think of it, but do not give
Relax to it, and we read our future here in perfect stony will.


As a passenger, I occasionally crossed this bridge
In public bus, with curiosity and fondness in heart,
It comes into my mind to walk down this bridge
With fun, as boyish fun, to view the city
On the river with calm mind, to breath in Kolkata air,
The large space would be highly pleasant resolved
Sense of life, that busy and clumsy city gets some
Freshness inside, and monotone syndrome gets
Relief from relentless running for shirt-button cage
And rubbing hands upon routine workloads,
The way we always quest for living, run on road,
I am not so far as, of my staying, from the bridge.

Hoogly’s bridge has no trick over its passengers
And cannot ask for blood, except eerie riders or
Bus drivers get their return, accidents are fateful
Prey, on every occasion, the bridge is silent.
I guess what fate and rough worldly sin it has
Observed and would witness with moving events
Upon it, of course, of happenings in Kolkata,
One day while passing on it, I remember,
I was accompanied with one nearest relative.
He had to move for dialysis of diabetic kidney failure
He only said, “How is the bridge looking in its vastness?”
He couldn’t seat on bed in the moving ambulance,
So weak he was, while he was taking 84th
Dialysis, it was his quest and jest on the earth.
I made a sincere reply, it seemed my words
Not satisfying him and he heaved a deep sigh.
I looked at the crowded buses and vehicles
And the sun just takes a peep from the cloud,
The virtue and the venture make satire of existence. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I don’t do review
The flower blooms
Contrary to
My wishes.

I don’t react,
As it is time
For its blooming
Neither have I chosen
To walk on its way,
Nor have I bothered
Of its existence,

I don’t do anything
My wishes can’t destroy
The law of nature
The song of life.