Thursday, 18 February 2016

Short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books, TOY-SHOP


I am not that boy
Who always wants to buy,
I am that boy
Who wants to bring
Smiling, again and
Again in the sense of
Joy, watching
Toy-selling shop,
To follow teacher’s
Saying, “Do not mess.”

I am that boy
Who always wants
To avoid lure
That comes ahead
Of every shadow
Of toy’s display,
Yet I want one toy
That has a story
That can say
Truth that is
Dramatic always.

Monday, 15 February 2016


It is sea beach at Puri,
We are six friends
All are between 64 and 72 years of age.
Vertical sunlight floods the sea,
Reflection makes plunging image
Of emerging outstretched loving arm,
The glimpse of clear morning,
We sink into traverses of cosmic life,
And feel past reminiscence of
Secrets of youth time in deep sea,
And generate loving memories
With our wives, when individual
Tour occurred with songs of love
And embrace of wife,
In our arms, in golden flying
In love and ambition, like parallel
Musical notes of the sea,
Under the harmonious sky,
Beyond buildings’ work-shades,
Spreading blue hue in body and mind.


Subodh-da guides how to cook food
For us, because he loves and
Feels good in cooking,
Along with Bikash and Tushar,
Who are energetic to lead the team.
Chinmoy-da gets some
Old age ailments on body and mind,
Arun has strong mind, with some ailments.
I am the guest and visitor and
Come down with them to make
A charming shift of their endeavor.
All of them put some guts
On their lives and I am impressed
With their designs of management
That involves into their lives’ going
For forward journey to locate a leaf
On the sea wave, for last settlement
With wave and sojourn on sands,
To mark footprints across the sea beach

Those cannot be washed away, but remembered.