Thursday, 16 February 2017

Short story slam week 63: VALENTINE’S DAY

Picture Credit: Bluebell Books Twitter Club-Jay Friedenberg's haiku cover image  
# 1
Winter, a piano,
She plays it, like a little girl,
Brave smiling.

# 2
Her mind, a coin,
It drops tune on the keyboard,
Listening, talking.

# 3
She is in herself,
Music of flying together,
Glinted in loving tale.

Monday, 6 February 2017


Went up to these stairs for acknowledging woman-power,  
Went for praying to walk for life, as it is not easy going,
Went for needs to acquire peace, yet not achieved by own deeds,
Went to know the future for which I have paid, yet darkness exists,
Went to see smiling in children’s eyes, near relations denouncing,
Went to forget that neighbors are pinching, armed guards preventing,
Walking with flowers and offerings in a basket is orange zeal, twittering.