Monday, 24 April 2017


Great realization on the day of 23rd April 2017 


      1.      Poetry = Poetry

      2.      Poetry + Poetry= Poetry

      3.      Money is a subset of society,
      And Poetry is three-dimensional space in society, 

            Money is not equal to Poetry


      4.      Money + Poetry = Poetry

      5.      If Money = Propagation of Poetry, then Money = Poetry 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

My poems at Asian Signature Journal (ISSN NO: 2456-1584).

I feel honored and humbled to be featured as a 'Contemporary Asian Poet' in the 4th vol, No 1 (April 2017) of the prestigious Asian Signature Journal (ISSN NO: 2456-1584). 

                           Asim Kumar Paul | Asian Signature

Friday, 14 April 2017


These red flowers bloom with the sun’s burning rage,
They remain alive tucked within periphery of greens,
It brings me to think glimpses of events of last year,
Here is celebration of New Year in firmament of cheers,
Beneath are the warring and surviving zeal with landscape.

Spring with dry meadow, hot crust of the earth makes
Every green dry, yet life is not killed, two pigeons, together,
Move around meadow, and pick corn into hedge and grass,
Those hide corns strewn over dry land of cultivation,
With amorous stories those are still figuring out like
Magnets around crystalline wetness, waiting for rain in its
Season, two birds set off one sentiment of soft spring.

Para-metrical elongation creates labor that blooms
The eccentric pasture for living and connoisseur of loving,
When beautiful footsteps move to cross the land
For home that is not abettor of leaving, but waiting for
Answer from her, that she may try to bridge loving castles.
Shadow, grass blades and tree-trunk support walking through. 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Paintings and Poetry with painter Dwijen Gupta who is now a PARKINSON’S DISEASE PATIENT , and poems by Asim Kumar Paul

 When I have gone to Painter Dwijen Gupta’s office at CIT ROAD, Kolkata on 05.04.2017 to give him the 1st copy of the poetry brochure THE SIEGE (first delivered to me by the printing press as off-print copies) containing 3 paintings by Mr. Gupta and 3 poems by me on them, to honor him, I came to learn that Mr. Gupta is a PARKINSON’S DISEASE PATIENT , and I got hurt and returned, and afterwards I am invited to attend the exhibition, organized by PARKINSON’S DISEASE PATIENT’S WELFARE SOCIETY, KOLKATA totally on paintings of Mr Dwijen Gupta. 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017



There is whisper of love in air,
An opening of real longing
From heart of a searching mind,
To find and receive resonance,
From another soul of intimate one,
Perhaps your name is there
To make reasons with you in love.


Rumors are belligerent aspects of life.
And moving into invitation to stride,
Over logical feeling and decoding an event,
To walk on a path of reality,
Through body and mind, brings easy mobility,
Like sweet breeze of musical brain,
To receive instructions for love and to be loved.