Thursday, 13 April 2017

Paintings and Poetry with painter Dwijen Gupta who is now a PARKINSON’S DISEASE PATIENT , and poems by Asim Kumar Paul

 When I have gone to Painter Dwijen Gupta’s office at CIT ROAD, Kolkata on 05.04.2017 to give him the 1st copy of the poetry brochure THE SIEGE (first delivered to me by the printing press as off-print copies) containing 3 paintings by Mr. Gupta and 3 poems by me on them, to honor him, I came to learn that Mr. Gupta is a PARKINSON’S DISEASE PATIENT , and I got hurt and returned, and afterwards I am invited to attend the exhibition, organized by PARKINSON’S DISEASE PATIENT’S WELFARE SOCIETY, KOLKATA totally on paintings of Mr Dwijen Gupta. 

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