Thursday, 10 August 2017


As if rib-cage –
perceived pain-drops pouring in –
because enough pain makes a pool,
with rain-drops.

Inside remote of heart, the blue
steps in with its breathing, and
forgets to rebel, as if it is locked
inside green edge over cold wind.

Fruits do not get maturity,
in some weighing scale,
images quieted by mind’s mirror.
Clouds wandering far below.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Grown from the perceptible loving flow,
Grown from the teary passage over the bridge,
Open with the loving children dream ground,
Everyone drives with hope and passion,
In our minds and eyes for earthly justice,
Through the fear and tears of catastrophe,
Sometimes we are scared, sometimes
We are benefited with style of silver sun.

Time creates events. She creates one event after reading her heart with her motherly feeling, because she lost her child in an accident. It is time of reviewing of loving bond. It is destiny of changing events. Some events cannot be frozen, because moving like birds always is everything as none wants to be ended. and there are programs when students gather to sing for a cause in searching of living branches of memories along the way of collective symmetry in the nature, like, the sun, the earth, the moon fall in the line of this rotation, in silence, to form eclipse of the moon, even in a rainy night with hovering clouds around the moon, to open one event with one mystery key, a message with the nature towards opening of one fine morning with sweet chirping of birds.  

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


I do not tell of myself
I have so many questions,
“Are you married?”
“How old are you?”
“Have you children?”

My answers are all vague
because I cannot sing for life,
and I am lost one in love and sense,
from teen age and to my matured age
because they all betray of my life,

“ No worry, just I want to love
someone who feels to be silent
but who wants to fill mind of woman
who deserves to be his own,
and she said
-”I respect your privacy,
and I have two children
who are my love and hope
this will be yours too,
and here is something you can share
and me also. because love is ageless
and review is negative prorogation all time.
and I love you.”

Her grandson is her life and breathing.

That day all conversations ended.