Wednesday, 30 May 2012


She, as she says on her web page, is feeling strong purge,
For love that makes her for appearance on page,
It is love, protecting soul in triumph of tossed life,
That she wants to bear over ages of existence.

The garden is full of flowers, and whole of fragrance
Has filled with loving air, that she wants to have,
Affirming words, yet the flame of love may have not come
Enough to greet her in sharing love in excellence.

The words are written boldly, “I am not exiting.”
She wrote it much before she got the message from someone,
It is haunting like miracle of mirage regained,
Life is something like sensing young if one feels it right there.

She is normal, that she thinks to be almost sound on her way,
She loves many colored loving and adoring applause,
In the firmament on wishes she does hold to be accepted,
“My life is just like a small meat to make justice.”

She likes desires and gifts of incessant love, not to slip out from it,
The web page fills, “I do not feel spiritual either.”
The last words are something performing sequences of least form of moon,
She waits for realization and return of loved one she is dreaming.

Sunday, 27 May 2012


When you come in colors and lights,
you are dazzling,  as if you are mine,
I look at you, your smiling pleases me,
and I think you are in my love.

The shades you carry with your body,
I find there valley, turns, first lines, fields,
those own my shares and love symbols,
lady beauty to feel my pulse of senses.

When I look at your eyes, these are petals
of heavenly lotus, carrying fragrance of love,
that attracts love in kisses and in speechless beauty,
looking in dream chatting symbol of caring and loving. 

When I look at your chin, lips, these are marvel,
seeing the love angles like river that flows inside,
and I feel  rose symbols of love, inside lips' folds,
to suck fluids on the tongue to taste the passion.

You are fine lines of beauty, I love you dear,
It is my path to detect you in the web page turns,
Your smiling hold cap of sweetened position
to single you out for me to love you for ages.

You are dream charm, creation of love in sense
of universe, that I feel in the lonely world of pure purge,
I love you, please stay in the web page all the time,
Be with the symbol of love, in my heart and life. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Mirrors are golden opportunity
To ask questions, where lays the silver lightning,
On the way of life, that she bears upon the earth
To hold love, and the move with giant time bound.

She looks on the surface of glass, to detect mole,
On the skin of face, or tears on the eyes, or to make marks
Of beauty on eye lashes, youth and age combine within,
Love is gently moving on vision of wonder on glass-images.

Parallel pictures do come, in the helmet of turns,
Burns, significant change in life’s hive of mystery,
Sonnets, splashes, and thinking eyebrows come reflected
To serve beauty and love in the sure identity of vision.

When saddest, when in merriment, she sits before the mirror,
Just to see the fate of her eyes, to heal the sorrow or to greet blushes,
And she feels blest of the mirror wishes from sovereignty,
That allows her to receive luster of glance reflected inside mirror-stealing.  


Looking wonderful,
Surprised for something,
It is there, you speak that.

Playing delightful,
Bright hope, cool,
Firmness in your face.

Observing plenty,
Sweetened things,
Great surprise in your eyes.

Receiving contents,
New mind, new place, new fingers,
To hold love, extending towards us. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


She wants to get relief,
I do not bind her for life,
Here lies our good sentiment,
I love her for her acceptance.

She bends her body to feel it,
That is her taste to fill the sense,
Like praise of love and her beauty,
All her hair flung upon her face.

Only bright eyes are seen,
With hands she pushes hairs away,
Again wind fills the gap, with her hair,
I feel the pleasing gesture, she portrays.

Leaning upon my hand she bounces,
It is life, lending some needs within,
Love is convincing in her smiling,
Learning and coding are here wits.

For a man like me, she is aspiring soul
That she wants to bloom in participating,
That is the sweet curve acting upon me,
Syllables of love silently fill my mind.               


You have one smiling
pure as God divine.
You have two eyes
sparkling in heavenly bliss.
You have divine space
upon the earth.
You have a great image of love,
my baby grand son.

You have tiny and
soft limbs to be cared for.
We swear to keep you pure
and sublime as you are now.
You have a life
that has spontaneous charms
like holy flame,
that ignites our love-heart
to feel you and keep you safe.
The sun has significance
in love of your heaven.
My grand baby son thus may live
with God’s heaven,
with many baby lives
in grace who are on this earth.
You are the life having
your pious smiling on the face.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


-“Shall I wait for you dear?”
These were words written in despair,
I could not be fair in my answer,
I just say, “You are different.”

“Please do your duty, with your beloved ones,
Who are near and dear with you, in your life,
I am distant love with no swearing aspects.”
I cannot be different, dear, life is wave.” She said.

What I have to share anything beyond,
I have only heart and existence,
Motivational sponsor,
Someone on the shore.

I am walking with love,
She comes and gives feeling of pleasant chant,
It is a dream on web page loving,
We live, we share, we dream, we pass somehow.

“You are talking like poetry.” I said,
Immediately she replied,
“Choose a place or a web page,
No need of words, no need of waiting.”

I have tried to find a place or a web page,
Everywhere appointment is evident,
No free space or page is left for choice,
Chosen eyes fill all trends, I am in crowd,

Warm shelter never dies, paces are filled,
Freedom has some fishy lair that is unspoken,
I am amongst them; I am in grasp of livelihood,
Priorities are to protect love in heart, in solitude.

Time passing away with time’s way,
It does not ponder with wisdom or wishes,
We are not clear on the shore of hope or fear,
We have only life as sharing stream in the universe.

Monday, 21 May 2012


She enters the field of colors' bliss,
The world makes wave of sanctioned lines,
Those are life’s caged joys,
All prove that life has limits.

Her posture is twined
In trust and wealth of mind,
That keeps all sources bright
Of significant shades of things.

She shifts color to color
Red, pink, yellow, brown, green,
Full of vows of dissolving of being,
Marcy is of our love.

She bends as if speech is joyful,
With head bend to pay respect
Of the color of measure and treasure,
In compared sharing of love's kingdom.

Hands are free to defend love,
Warm feeding holds it brave,
We are in trend of coding life,
To receive consciousness as destiny. 

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Sometimes she comes on my web page,
Sometimes she vanishes from web page,
As if I am sitting on a broken tree branch,
That is fallen from tree, as storm has done it,
Inappropriate I am in my loving prosody,
And she likes this to obey the life’s dream.

She once comes and puts words, “How are you?”
This makes me hot to answer, “I am not yours.”
But I cannot say it, just put, “Passing my time.”
She the puts words on my wall, “Prisoner of life.”
Golden words I think to put, “Life is translation.”
Immediately she replies, “Life size is a criterion.”

Marooned life just gets awake
I become emblazoned as if she is on the rise
And life is not rock-mass, a web variation,
I want to pull her back, on the care of loving form,
The wonder path is on the code of longing,
I put one sentence in response, “Love sensing is meditating.”

Care has given on the sleep of long bargaining,
Life is not like what we think on country’s swinging,
Exposure of pathway is sometimes becomes controls,
Love becomes one sense of functioning form,
I need not to think of the life where desire is lost,
I think of the last words, “Signaling is not activation.”

Wednesday, 16 May 2012



She just told me, “Finally I have a chance to talk with you.”
The talking space does it,
It is the era of web page communication,
Mirror screen puts big head, big words, big views,
Many ways of thinking, coding and decoding,
I just told her, “I love it, if you make a language
That is only mine, and you are the receiver of it.”
She just typed out the words, “Thanks remembering me.”

It is not advertisement; it is like gathering sentiment,
And all designing of love goes on wave of God’s men,
Cradled by an idea, all are creations in angelic voice,
She is defined in some coding emblem, “I love you.”
In the movement we are supporting paying field,
And I am not on that group, as such I am denied,
When she comes, she remembers me, and then
Makes some hired words, and other time, she is hired one.

Towards my hand that may put words for love
And traces the perpetual words, not hired, I am blank,
I am not humble skilled worker in schemed program,
I have to learn of love that she likes to have with me,
It is making a wave that has one wise man to propagate,
And I will be benefited with the knowledge of formulates.
Before going on long way of love this way, I have to open
The great art, I want love. My needs can be purchased.

Loving bonds are such caring and carrying objects,                           
I only say to her, “Know me first, O my lovely traveler,
My mind moves in wave of code of love, you prescribe,
I am yours as long as love has sense of reasoning over life,
And expectancy of existence on this earth with mind.”
She then replies, “I am composing myself from childhood,
Please think of the present day rule, war is here to find solution.
Think of the car or the milk that you learn to buy, I am not provider.”

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Before I can reach to her embrace,
She makes complain, I am lazy to hold her,
I feel the dependence, as if I am not a receiver.
She blooms with love, performance, and growth.

She spills something on my shoulders,
All are wet folds of love, in healing touch,
I feel transition to go into her love drops,
I pass all grown up ripples she does good as psalm.

She takes my fingers over her lips to touch,
It gives me water down strong hands’ guard,
My feet gives stands in playing verse, music in heart,
She is my queen, who brings stars beneath slips and poses.

She turns violent in my absence over sleeping and waking
She begins to complain over share and pair to get confirmed,
The world is now on my vehemence to control her,
It is possession that gives quarrels sheltered in bead up coldness.


Dear friend, you are not in my talks,
As if it is you who ends talking round,
Once you come, you go, you descend,
It is a black day that should not be long.

White and color you once asked me to choose,
I choose the color, and then you smile and say,
“Simplicity is the white part of life, you obey it.”
I only replied, “I am the cloud, it can have rainbow.”

The absence, so far, as syntactic waving comes in,
I feel empty sky, without stars, moon, and the sun,
I want to hold blue ring around you,
The scream is fine to hear, it is now an end.

You only wrote on my wall,
“Be peaceful; be happy, presence is a mirage.”
The character you depict inside me,
The lovely face you come with me,

All are not mirage,
All are real of reality,
All are syndrome of eventuality,
I love you, and you may live with me.

I am missing you dear,
You are not with me, since your computer is off,
Only phone cannot communicate all,
Studio is there in your presence to feel you and love you.

Monday, 14 May 2012


She has to declare, she is proud
Of being new grandmother, the new way,
She enters a new world with great meaning,
On life’s journey in the share and care
Of someone new with little limbs, breathing,
Like flower of legacy, in the bright morning,
She is walking with little loving presentation,
With which she is presenting the human gift,
Grabbing prime of love, with her hands
Filled with new descendant, gentle touch.

Her beautiful eye brows glow with smile,
With proud smiling, lifting the grand baby
Towards the world to feel greetings of love,
Moving all time in her bosom, to hold happy smiling,
She has to declare she has interfered with
Creation of a generation, we are driving all for that.   

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Great love it is and all scenes of blooming
Of love in the window view of varying shades,
Grandmother looks at her grandson, and thinks,
“You are my good breathing in ground source,
You are my soul of expectation for my credence,”
The baby looks at deep sequence looking upright,
His tender limbs and innocent eyes catch promises.

She is witness of three generations –
Her father-in-law, husband, and grandson,
Three roses on the same origin, delightful,                                   
She gets three colors of love, after leaving parents,
The flow that does charm in the stream of family,
That gives birth and starts profile of lives,
That she is getting great promises of ancestry.
The baby in his new looks gets comfort,
In caring lap of grandmother, definitely firm,
And looks at her eyes in askance, so bright,
And grandmother finds loving campaign
That has full and amazed feeling in baby’s eyes,
He is the promise of the future and everything
That life has a dream in celebrating new coming,
It is recognition of loving thrust to go with the sun. 


O honey, you are beautiful
Your standing brings sharp body lines,
Cool and soft,
Hugs and kisses
On lips and on shoulders in tunes,
Points are showing the edge shinning,
I am in your love,
You are divine with pretty things.

O honey, sweet is your smiling,
Makes me awake in grace of love,
Wild feeling goes with your nose,
Sharp it is on spells of sanctions,
You are in my love abiding lore,
I do like it when you breathe in me,
Beyond waist line, open and supportive,
My fingers descending source raining.

O honey, you stand like an embrace,
That gives me feeling to hold you tight,
Feeling is centered in both body and earth,
Touching fingers dwells inside caress,
We are borne in wealth of love and smile,
Your silky hairs touch me beneath the sky,
All you give me pulling inward,
You are the picture full of passion.

O honey, you are infinite love in my vision,
Pretty love lines is your grace, manifolds,
With feeling in spreading enzyme,
You are colors of reaching higher gains,
I trust in your love, you have the patience,
Life has a place to find description of beauty,
In eyes, cheeks, chin and body parlance,
Woman beauty, she is my love in worldly feeling.

Saturday, 12 May 2012


The moon represents a glimpse
Of dream living,
The more it gets enthralls in midnight flash
The more it is sweeping
In deeper sense of love.
She feels essence in her discoveries.
She puts a cup of hot coffee in hungry stomach.
All love shares are in random blue layers.

In body purges,
She is feeling like walking in watery path.
And she is held by loved one’s stout shoulders.
Sensation goes through a vending machine,
She is bending upon there,
lying on the shore of sweating ocean.
She is in engagement of locking bands.

The sky looks wave of blue darks,
Flame of small things flows into heart,
She wants to stay in hundred year’s passion,
Mind goes in strong passion,
Hands are drawing marvelous yarning,
Rewriting chapters of sole submission,
That she wants from a man
Whom she loves and pours wet claims,
Those are his performance with her engagement.

She is feeling no bounds
In his presence, as she is bouncing,
And moving more in layers of fidelity,
In care and in unending search,
Through all outstretched holding
In fine wonder of river flowing.
She likes vibration in a microwave oven.
Life is so ecstasy.
She moves in whispers of blue layered findings.   


She comes after a gap of two years,
Shining is lost, eyes are like midnight’ dream,
She just moves on her wall, and
Puts some pictures on the frame.

Her smiling has lost the luster,
Gloomy status she is flowing,
As if she is walking on pebbles and on thorns,
Covered with blood soaked dreams.

Yet she gives blessings, well speeches,
For her friends, as if she is divine,
And she has nothing to worry about,
Secrets are patent on her smiling.

Her photos bear thin shades of liking,
She is speaking so as to perform duty
She has to obey it she is bound to follow,
Life is full of echoes those are silky entwined.

She puts some words those are significant,
“I am here to see my messages to read,
Now I am valley dweller with trees surrounding.
Life is measured with fruits of love.”


She shows her face painted in soft moon light,
She is full with love that her soul can reflect,
A significant wave that she likes to adore her heart,
This life is faithful she thinks if love comes to her.

The beauty of her black hair comes down heavily
Upon the shoulders covering line of sense that touches her,
Her eyes are covered with little tuft of hairs
Falling down sweetly, touching her chin to breasts apart.

Her lips are silent as morning comes with love, bare,
Little open comes with teeth fresh white sphere,
As if she is ready to greet kisses inside tongue’s sky,
Looks are bright in light of heavenly portrait sublime.

She looks calm, yet something left behind,
She is woman that is her recognition like raindrops
Those are mixed with sweet hope of burn,
Her recognition brings a fairy looks of loving elation.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


She appears with yellow paints on her hair,
The curly hair moisture with shades of yellow,
The breeze moving into her hair turns her face,
A beautiful intuition with love to follow her,
And see her beauty pleasant with eyes open,
Her lips and her cheeks are moisture of red paints,
Those are locking phase of sharp tangent of love,
Sweet smiling gives birth to kiss her lips,
Moments of conversation comes true in scenes,
Those are participation of dream in life
With enthusiasm, I love it. Her beauty is not bound.
The yellow bargains wishes in the light in her loving beauty. 


Just she comes on my page,
And puts some words of her thinking,
“You are in my heart.”
With one picture of a woman’s portrait of beauty.

The love as I begin to make with woman
Comes like the picture in the enclosure,
She is sitting with legs crossed in beauty throne,
Hands are crossed upon her breasts,

As if she is declaring to occupy love
As she is in peers on love, sheer upon path,
Her posture and eyes are in search of light,
That I can learn her dreams - lore of love.

I stay in her looks and her engaged and assembled
The body that gives a good painting
That pours more ignitions to be lost in her love-strikes,
Again I want to tell her, on her wall, “I love you, too.”

When she is in dream picture of love asylum,
I am in peak of hearing the screams of pleasure,
More we move in liking in covers of elements,
I am eager to invest my body and mind in her facilitations.  

First she is queen, second she loves, third she is posting
The significance of love, all is circumstantial vision
To love again, in between born and reborn amplitudes,
Her message is the source to connect with prayer for love.

Monday, 7 May 2012


She does not reply to phone calls,
Upon shared links of web page talks,
One window just props up on touch screen,
“She is sleeping; she does not receive any call.”

Truth shall come on my web page,
Going to search is now modern necessity,
I make a click on message forum
Or discussion page to feel the pulse

To give the world a message, love is peace,
If one person on proper way of saying it,
And puts a flag with good browsing heart,
Keeping many things open on good terms.

I tell her with living potentials
Strong sense in love credentials,
To act in desires over waters
With salty smelling over penguin softness.

Even when I beg for love,
She becomes manager of her love doctrines,
I have to pay a greater cost
As she is promising fortune for loveliness.

When she is sleeping far away from me,
She is like an angel over terms of acceptability,
I just make a comment on her message words,
“Sleep well, my dear lady love, have a sweet dream.”

Sunday, 6 May 2012


I am travelling in the beauty of the nature,
It is summer season, time of blooming of red Krishnachura,
Above inside branches and green leaves, a cool heaven caressed,
With precious reign of love, we get fine tune of singing beauty afresh,
The greens, investor for shelter for our rest,
The scene holds inaudible sound of music of love.

Above my head runs one cable TV cord through heart of tree branches.
Through this line cord, runs sponsored program on glass screens,
With pictures in web to reach worldwide audience,
This gives me pain,
It penetrates my sense to feel the generous gift of nature’s love,
Sunrays playing with the red inside beauty of greens,
That is generous gift in solemn patience,
This intruding TV cable cord seems to be iconic to demise of our existence. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Significance has no veil,
It is cherished mood
Life is busy, needs liberty,
She just makes promises.

Her choice is priority,
She already charts list,
Looks cool for surety,
Stands for favorite sensation.

She removes dreariness. 
Relatively characterized,
For those who come to interact,
She weaves threads to tide over restrictions.

Elucidated lines,
She comes in brief sensations,
He inserts relatively relaxing apostle,
She is fantastic creation,

He becomes free in her submission,
United in the unit insight,
Love is something more to be relaxed,
We are caged into life’s preface and pattern.

Sartorial appearance is more paining,
Travelling in fantasy liking,
Giving birth of new proclaim,
He sweetens own life, moments' relief from burdens.

She smiles, and says,
“Feed your heart and body,
Eat your desire in love proteins,
I am here to give you dream and manifestation.”

Friday, 4 May 2012


She is the lover as lover’s design,
She lives with husband, neither lover nor a loved one,
She lives in great surprise of tracing life,
She is one of vibrant waves, quality of loving heart.

She wants to see the earth at lava eruption,
She wants to see bottom of the sea,
She is moving in the dream of happiness,
She does not see evening shadow of her sky.

She is skillful caring her grandchild,
She says she is in service of everyone’s needs,
She flows with daily wages, as no work no pay,
She is also a mother, a wife, she is owner of her family.

She says she has duty as a domestic help,
This family needs it, as all members are busy and talkative,
She thinks she is industrious grandmother, like bee,
To protect her grandson who is a baby, in need of caring.

She hopes her evening days will go out,
She looks nothing, yet cool in upward vision of peace,
All she does scrolling with life struggle,
With beautiful eyes she sees infinite rays of love and life.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


I have stopped guessing,
I take the brush this morning to paint my love drawing,
Something I have to learn -
Love for meditation,
Love for forgiveness,
Love for forbearance,
Inside the canvas broadness,
I put red color for independent existence,
Life is full of pain and persistence.

Inside the window zone,
I put yellow, green, crimson colors
As the sun is deeper in transition
That plays for recognizing and marking
Regulatory forms and contents in our brain,
Love for excitement,
Love for characters,
Love for insights and creation,
Life is full of breathing, sensing, and feeling.

Bright I put colors in symmetry, delicately,
Over life and character of systematic terms,
An excitement announced in workflow:
Man-1: He finds leadership in colors,
Man-2: He finds a system of color shows,
Man-3: He finds an attraction for audience,
Man-4: He finds fun in his real business,
Man-5: He finds a negative projection in accuracy,
Woman-1: She finds a hand bound creation in colors,
Woman-2: She finds a super cool baby in colors
Woman-3: She finds an earth sharing object fairly present in colors
Woman-4: She finds a valiant horse running with valor in colors
Woman-5: She finds a colorful tune for hangouts with love.

I read all comments therein
Movement is there in every turning,
Again and again all follow with reasons,
We are all trying to accomplish our creation and praise.


She talks, always prompt in reply,
While words typed move in delight,
We do not feel how far we do reside,
We enjoy talking, with love and smile.

We share feeling going dense inside,
She is miracle, how beautifully prescribed,
She makes me swim in oceanic floor,
Web page becomes deep sense, fine.

I love to live in great peers,
So as to trust on her aspiring dreams,
Let everything to implore body and mind,
I am mingling in her wonder of things.

I never find darkness in her impulse,
We are friends, in bonds of web doorstep,
The virtue lives in seeds of love units,
Those are grown inside soul, in rule of life.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


She first comes in my dream, sweet sleeping,
She is wearing designed clothing, bright eyes,
Dream are bounding in her vision astonishing,
She standing on flowers picked for her staying.

I see the heaven in her beauty, she is first love,
She is passing a gleam of staring, love indwelling,
She is leaning over blossoms, silent worldly feeling,
She is my love; she is my first adoration, arriving from heaven.

When I stand alone on the shore of love sentiments,
Again and again she assures me, she saves love for me.
She is natural in speaking on life, convincing me more,
Protection is love that she says in her easy bidding.  

I feel comfortable when she admits her choice in me,
She is my path finder in friendly terms, her nature,
It is her magical power to remove fear of losing simplicity,
She arrives with great promises, “Save love for life.”

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


You may stay far away, like a stranger,
I have been in the dream of your language,
I roam in dropped sense, fearing loss of love guest,
Life is my pain; agony brings sad things.

I gather my pieces, secrets, completeness,
As I used to cover up my liking, yet you live far away,
A dream is build over sediments, as if the sea is captive of loss,
Someone is there to fire greens on the shore, to burn, turn, and blast.

You may just say, “I can feel you how you stay.”
It is just word of expression, boring, much rusty,
And someone wrote word, waste, on door mat,
That I purchased for brushing off dust, sins and moisture.

You do not see the fire in jungle, ready to burn me,
That you have thrown upon me, flaming down my love planet,
First fire is hidden, then vigorous, mounts on my throat,
Moments after, it will turn to ashes, a poor lover in burn.

In earthly spreading, I think of you, I remember you, my love,
While going to big chain market, to buy meals onset, I dream you,
I still hold the rainbow; do not go on writing on your wall,
I like to say, “All love not yours, and hope is wealth to survive.”


I know my phone calls are not your concern,
You show your human mind seeking settlement,
That makes me to move on cyclic turning.

I am alone; I know my musing is unconvincing,
I need tools, familiar shelter to make favorite things,
You may not respond; it is changed symptom.

I know it is my wrong choice
My voice is not comfortable, hollow tune,
A rudely sized pattern you may not like.

I am not outsmart creation of mind,
I know hope is not here, or it is gone,
My literacy of web page creation lacks promotion.

I know I live in a decay of my age,
A human mind cannot feel the reality I suffer,
All are moving for money and career.

I know my search is an abandoned idea,
As my web page has no merit for friendship,
To meet long time wants on my feeling altogether.

I know I am moving with fade dreams,
My body does not sway with boost of glance,
A sad part that I partake in my affection.

I know my shelter or my phone calls are torments,
I forget to think simple way of living,
And I have to learn to say, “I am not mad of you.”


“Please do not call me back;
I am busy with my work.
I am not leaving you, dear.”

“Life has many forms,
You are one, and
Please do not leave all behind.”

These are the words
Those come on his wall.
He feels strange world.

A woman, a love lady,
Speaks more before her lover,
Providing him assurance.

He writes again,
“Do not feel pressure,
Do work for self, praying before Lord Krishna.”

“Lord Krishna will grant prayer,
The great world does honor you,
Shortly after you will feel presence

Of birds, flowers, and bees,
You will call them blessings of heaven,
And you will be happy in your new world.”

Filled eyes with tears,
She just writes back a message,
“May Lord Krishna bless you; I bestow my love to you.”