Sunday, 13 May 2012


O honey, you are beautiful
Your standing brings sharp body lines,
Cool and soft,
Hugs and kisses
On lips and on shoulders in tunes,
Points are showing the edge shinning,
I am in your love,
You are divine with pretty things.

O honey, sweet is your smiling,
Makes me awake in grace of love,
Wild feeling goes with your nose,
Sharp it is on spells of sanctions,
You are in my love abiding lore,
I do like it when you breathe in me,
Beyond waist line, open and supportive,
My fingers descending source raining.

O honey, you stand like an embrace,
That gives me feeling to hold you tight,
Feeling is centered in both body and earth,
Touching fingers dwells inside caress,
We are borne in wealth of love and smile,
Your silky hairs touch me beneath the sky,
All you give me pulling inward,
You are the picture full of passion.

O honey, you are infinite love in my vision,
Pretty love lines is your grace, manifolds,
With feeling in spreading enzyme,
You are colors of reaching higher gains,
I trust in your love, you have the patience,
Life has a place to find description of beauty,
In eyes, cheeks, chin and body parlance,
Woman beauty, she is my love in worldly feeling.

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