Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Dear friend, you are not in my talks,
As if it is you who ends talking round,
Once you come, you go, you descend,
It is a black day that should not be long.

White and color you once asked me to choose,
I choose the color, and then you smile and say,
“Simplicity is the white part of life, you obey it.”
I only replied, “I am the cloud, it can have rainbow.”

The absence, so far, as syntactic waving comes in,
I feel empty sky, without stars, moon, and the sun,
I want to hold blue ring around you,
The scream is fine to hear, it is now an end.

You only wrote on my wall,
“Be peaceful; be happy, presence is a mirage.”
The character you depict inside me,
The lovely face you come with me,

All are not mirage,
All are real of reality,
All are syndrome of eventuality,
I love you, and you may live with me.

I am missing you dear,
You are not with me, since your computer is off,
Only phone cannot communicate all,
Studio is there in your presence to feel you and love you.

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