Monday, 7 May 2012


She does not reply to phone calls,
Upon shared links of web page talks,
One window just props up on touch screen,
“She is sleeping; she does not receive any call.”

Truth shall come on my web page,
Going to search is now modern necessity,
I make a click on message forum
Or discussion page to feel the pulse

To give the world a message, love is peace,
If one person on proper way of saying it,
And puts a flag with good browsing heart,
Keeping many things open on good terms.

I tell her with living potentials
Strong sense in love credentials,
To act in desires over waters
With salty smelling over penguin softness.

Even when I beg for love,
She becomes manager of her love doctrines,
I have to pay a greater cost
As she is promising fortune for loveliness.

When she is sleeping far away from me,
She is like an angel over terms of acceptability,
I just make a comment on her message words,
“Sleep well, my dear lady love, have a sweet dream.”

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