Sunday, 27 May 2012


When you come in colors and lights,
you are dazzling,  as if you are mine,
I look at you, your smiling pleases me,
and I think you are in my love.

The shades you carry with your body,
I find there valley, turns, first lines, fields,
those own my shares and love symbols,
lady beauty to feel my pulse of senses.

When I look at your eyes, these are petals
of heavenly lotus, carrying fragrance of love,
that attracts love in kisses and in speechless beauty,
looking in dream chatting symbol of caring and loving. 

When I look at your chin, lips, these are marvel,
seeing the love angles like river that flows inside,
and I feel  rose symbols of love, inside lips' folds,
to suck fluids on the tongue to taste the passion.

You are fine lines of beauty, I love you dear,
It is my path to detect you in the web page turns,
Your smiling hold cap of sweetened position
to single you out for me to love you for ages.

You are dream charm, creation of love in sense
of universe, that I feel in the lonely world of pure purge,
I love you, please stay in the web page all the time,
Be with the symbol of love, in my heart and life. 

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