Saturday, 5 May 2012


Significance has no veil,
It is cherished mood
Life is busy, needs liberty,
She just makes promises.

Her choice is priority,
She already charts list,
Looks cool for surety,
Stands for favorite sensation.

She removes dreariness. 
Relatively characterized,
For those who come to interact,
She weaves threads to tide over restrictions.

Elucidated lines,
She comes in brief sensations,
He inserts relatively relaxing apostle,
She is fantastic creation,

He becomes free in her submission,
United in the unit insight,
Love is something more to be relaxed,
We are caged into life’s preface and pattern.

Sartorial appearance is more paining,
Travelling in fantasy liking,
Giving birth of new proclaim,
He sweetens own life, moments' relief from burdens.

She smiles, and says,
“Feed your heart and body,
Eat your desire in love proteins,
I am here to give you dream and manifestation.”

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