Wednesday, 16 May 2012


She just told me, “Finally I have a chance to talk with you.”
The talking space does it,
It is the era of web page communication,
Mirror screen puts big head, big words, big views,
Many ways of thinking, coding and decoding,
I just told her, “I love it, if you make a language
That is only mine, and you are the receiver of it.”
She just typed out the words, “Thanks remembering me.”

It is not advertisement; it is like gathering sentiment,
And all designing of love goes on wave of God’s men,
Cradled by an idea, all are creations in angelic voice,
She is defined in some coding emblem, “I love you.”
In the movement we are supporting paying field,
And I am not on that group, as such I am denied,
When she comes, she remembers me, and then
Makes some hired words, and other time, she is hired one.

Towards my hand that may put words for love
And traces the perpetual words, not hired, I am blank,
I am not humble skilled worker in schemed program,
I have to learn of love that she likes to have with me,
It is making a wave that has one wise man to propagate,
And I will be benefited with the knowledge of formulates.
Before going on long way of love this way, I have to open
The great art, I want love. My needs can be purchased.

Loving bonds are such caring and carrying objects,                           
I only say to her, “Know me first, O my lovely traveler,
My mind moves in wave of code of love, you prescribe,
I am yours as long as love has sense of reasoning over life,
And expectancy of existence on this earth with mind.”
She then replies, “I am composing myself from childhood,
Please think of the present day rule, war is here to find solution.
Think of the car or the milk that you learn to buy, I am not provider.”


  1. that's a very true line about composing ourselves through childhood

    haiku and senryu about annoyances

    verification makes it really hard to comment. you'd get more comments if you turned it off. i had to do this several times to get it to work.

    1. Yes,I have to work on my poems on my part.
      Thanks dear poet and friend, Zongrik, for your lovely comments.

  2. Wow! Very nice and powerful conversation in this piece.

    1. Thanks dear poet friend, Rkgaron,or for beautiful comments.