Saturday, 12 May 2012


She comes after a gap of two years,
Shining is lost, eyes are like midnight’ dream,
She just moves on her wall, and
Puts some pictures on the frame.

Her smiling has lost the luster,
Gloomy status she is flowing,
As if she is walking on pebbles and on thorns,
Covered with blood soaked dreams.

Yet she gives blessings, well speeches,
For her friends, as if she is divine,
And she has nothing to worry about,
Secrets are patent on her smiling.

Her photos bear thin shades of liking,
She is speaking so as to perform duty
She has to obey it she is bound to follow,
Life is full of echoes those are silky entwined.

She puts some words those are significant,
“I am here to see my messages to read,
Now I am valley dweller with trees surrounding.
Life is measured with fruits of love.”

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