Wednesday, 23 May 2012


She wants to get relief,
I do not bind her for life,
Here lies our good sentiment,
I love her for her acceptance.

She bends her body to feel it,
That is her taste to fill the sense,
Like praise of love and her beauty,
All her hair flung upon her face.

Only bright eyes are seen,
With hands she pushes hairs away,
Again wind fills the gap, with her hair,
I feel the pleasing gesture, she portrays.

Leaning upon my hand she bounces,
It is life, lending some needs within,
Love is convincing in her smiling,
Learning and coding are here wits.

For a man like me, she is aspiring soul
That she wants to bloom in participating,
That is the sweet curve acting upon me,
Syllables of love silently fill my mind.               

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