Monday, 21 May 2012


She enters the field of colors' bliss,
The world makes wave of sanctioned lines,
Those are life’s caged joys,
All prove that life has limits.

Her posture is twined
In trust and wealth of mind,
That keeps all sources bright
Of significant shades of things.

She shifts color to color
Red, pink, yellow, brown, green,
Full of vows of dissolving of being,
Marcy is of our love.

She bends as if speech is joyful,
With head bend to pay respect
Of the color of measure and treasure,
In compared sharing of love's kingdom.

Hands are free to defend love,
Warm feeding holds it brave,
We are in trend of coding life,
To receive consciousness as destiny. 


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    K'nitin Sarma All prove that life has limits and your ink proves that you dare to make an effort to make us live along your lines, boundless....The use of adjectives and versatle personification marks your genius... though i would also like to add that where u used the names of different colors, it seemed to create a cliche in the flow, in place u could have used something symbolic...***however tis is only an opinion of mine...the poem is nevertheless
    Asim Kumar Paul Dear friend, K'nitin Sarma, your comments are precious, I admire you and your comments. I love it dear.
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    Asim Kumar Paul I copy your comments, dear K'nitin Sharma, and post the comments in my blog
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    1. Thanks dear poet and friend, Uma, for lovely comments on my poem.