Saturday, 12 May 2012


She shows her face painted in soft moon light,
She is full with love that her soul can reflect,
A significant wave that she likes to adore her heart,
This life is faithful she thinks if love comes to her.

The beauty of her black hair comes down heavily
Upon the shoulders covering line of sense that touches her,
Her eyes are covered with little tuft of hairs
Falling down sweetly, touching her chin to breasts apart.

Her lips are silent as morning comes with love, bare,
Little open comes with teeth fresh white sphere,
As if she is ready to greet kisses inside tongue’s sky,
Looks are bright in light of heavenly portrait sublime.

She looks calm, yet something left behind,
She is woman that is her recognition like raindrops
Those are mixed with sweet hope of burn,
Her recognition brings a fairy looks of loving elation.

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