Thursday, 24 May 2012


Mirrors are golden opportunity
To ask questions, where lays the silver lightning,
On the way of life, that she bears upon the earth
To hold love, and the move with giant time bound.

She looks on the surface of glass, to detect mole,
On the skin of face, or tears on the eyes, or to make marks
Of beauty on eye lashes, youth and age combine within,
Love is gently moving on vision of wonder on glass-images.

Parallel pictures do come, in the helmet of turns,
Burns, significant change in life’s hive of mystery,
Sonnets, splashes, and thinking eyebrows come reflected
To serve beauty and love in the sure identity of vision.

When saddest, when in merriment, she sits before the mirror,
Just to see the fate of her eyes, to heal the sorrow or to greet blushes,
And she feels blest of the mirror wishes from sovereignty,
That allows her to receive luster of glance reflected inside mirror-stealing.  


  1. Mirrors are important; not just to check our appearance, but to remind us of who we really are and not to put ourselves above others, because of the looks we think we have.
    We should also use them to practice smiling or grinning. I've met many people who don't seem to know what smiling, grinning or laughter is, but I think that if they looked in the mirror they might find something to laugh about. LOL! Be blessed!

    1. Thanks dear poet and friend, Elizena for beautiful comments.

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    1. Thanks dear poet and friend,the creator of The Purple Treehouse at New York TimeS(quare), for lovely comments on my poem.

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    1. Thanks dear poet and friend, Sheng T-H-E Wu, for beautiful comment on my poem.

  4. Nice contribution! Thanks for joining in. :)

  5. Thanks to dear poet and friend, Teresa Marie, for lovely comments on my poem.