Tuesday, 22 May 2012


-“Shall I wait for you dear?”
These were words written in despair,
I could not be fair in my answer,
I just say, “You are different.”

“Please do your duty, with your beloved ones,
Who are near and dear with you, in your life,
I am distant love with no swearing aspects.”
I cannot be different, dear, life is wave.” She said.

What I have to share anything beyond,
I have only heart and existence,
Motivational sponsor,
Someone on the shore.

I am walking with love,
She comes and gives feeling of pleasant chant,
It is a dream on web page loving,
We live, we share, we dream, we pass somehow.

“You are talking like poetry.” I said,
Immediately she replied,
“Choose a place or a web page,
No need of words, no need of waiting.”

I have tried to find a place or a web page,
Everywhere appointment is evident,
No free space or page is left for choice,
Chosen eyes fill all trends, I am in crowd,

Warm shelter never dies, paces are filled,
Freedom has some fishy lair that is unspoken,
I am amongst them; I am in grasp of livelihood,
Priorities are to protect love in heart, in solitude.

Time passing away with time’s way,
It does not ponder with wisdom or wishes,
We are not clear on the shore of hope or fear,
We have only life as sharing stream in the universe.

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