Saturday, 12 May 2012


The moon represents a glimpse
Of dream living,
The more it gets enthralls in midnight flash
The more it is sweeping
In deeper sense of love.
She feels essence in her discoveries.
She puts a cup of hot coffee in hungry stomach.
All love shares are in random blue layers.

In body purges,
She is feeling like walking in watery path.
And she is held by loved one’s stout shoulders.
Sensation goes through a vending machine,
She is bending upon there,
lying on the shore of sweating ocean.
She is in engagement of locking bands.

The sky looks wave of blue darks,
Flame of small things flows into heart,
She wants to stay in hundred year’s passion,
Mind goes in strong passion,
Hands are drawing marvelous yarning,
Rewriting chapters of sole submission,
That she wants from a man
Whom she loves and pours wet claims,
Those are his performance with her engagement.

She is feeling no bounds
In his presence, as she is bouncing,
And moving more in layers of fidelity,
In care and in unending search,
Through all outstretched holding
In fine wonder of river flowing.
She likes vibration in a microwave oven.
Life is so ecstasy.
She moves in whispers of blue layered findings.   

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