Friday, 4 May 2012


She is the lover as lover’s design,
She lives with husband, neither lover nor a loved one,
She lives in great surprise of tracing life,
She is one of vibrant waves, quality of loving heart.

She wants to see the earth at lava eruption,
She wants to see bottom of the sea,
She is moving in the dream of happiness,
She does not see evening shadow of her sky.

She is skillful caring her grandchild,
She says she is in service of everyone’s needs,
She flows with daily wages, as no work no pay,
She is also a mother, a wife, she is owner of her family.

She says she has duty as a domestic help,
This family needs it, as all members are busy and talkative,
She thinks she is industrious grandmother, like bee,
To protect her grandson who is a baby, in need of caring.

She hopes her evening days will go out,
She looks nothing, yet cool in upward vision of peace,
All she does scrolling with life struggle,
With beautiful eyes she sees infinite rays of love and life.


  1. Lovely sentiment and incite. Enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thanks dear poet friend, creator of BelaBlog, for your beautiful comments.

  2. My lovely friend Asim .........what beauty .....
    Two gorgeous eyes as so aptly writes at the end of the poem .....
    Two gorgeous eyes represent his mother, grandmother,
    his lover, the beloved,
    representing life

    Congratulations of the best poems you

    by ...... women in thanks for your love
    the woman

    1. Thanks dear poet friend, Eftichia, for your valuable comments.