Wednesday, 30 May 2012


She, as she says on her web page, is feeling strong purge,
For love that makes her for appearance on page,
It is love, protecting soul in triumph of tossed life,
That she wants to bear over ages of existence.

The garden is full of flowers, and whole of fragrance
Has filled with loving air, that she wants to have,
Affirming words, yet the flame of love may have not come
Enough to greet her in sharing love in excellence.

The words are written boldly, “I am not exiting.”
She wrote it much before she got the message from someone,
It is haunting like miracle of mirage regained,
Life is something like sensing young if one feels it right there.

She is normal, that she thinks to be almost sound on her way,
She loves many colored loving and adoring applause,
In the firmament on wishes she does hold to be accepted,
“My life is just like a small meat to make justice.”

She likes desires and gifts of incessant love, not to slip out from it,
The web page fills, “I do not feel spiritual either.”
The last words are something performing sequences of least form of moon,
She waits for realization and return of loved one she is dreaming.

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