Sunday, 30 September 2012


When my exhausted moments do come,
And the earth becomes my anger,
I want to move in arms’ sails and in moonlight,
There grow sweet thoughts lain in brain,
I dream of her in my special room,
A flower bed in music of my dream,
A kiss for love that gives me relief,
And till morning I love to stay in spirited voice,
That cools me in her soft bosom,
That knows what tired sleep does want to feel,
Over my lain head, in murmurs,
And I move on pink surface and in white clouds
Those hover over silent unity of life and love,
As if a piano music moves with great love-order. 


A long way in the summer sun,
Day’s journey recalls sleep’s turn,
Morning to evening moves in pain,
Going out of the apple core wonder,
Life is an order of the rays,
From actions to rains,
Soon lovely home comes in vision,
World taking rest in sleeps,
With the sun’s going down,
Love comes in the sense of life. 

Saturday, 22 September 2012


I cannot change the world
I cannot make teasing upon me,
I cannot be master of my destiny,
As present time gives a yellow performer
And he is living source-agent of life,
Taking charge of my protection.
And he knows how to earn benefits
From the events those are communicative
Easily to the ears of common flows, blows, snows,
As if I am living in powerhouse
That is maintained by circuits,
A whirling guidance of my real life
And here lies the error, own advocacy is rumored.

I cannot speak on sorrowful events,
As I am not acquiring the freedom,
As my tenancy looses ticket for binding
With bottom of dictation, my performance levels.
To the established echo that comes in nature,
And I am one mold of life sentence,
I cannot say in my way as I am one image of
Other species those are like precious stone
Continually and significantly braced with
New fashions of life pattern, a new type of returns.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


My childhood, a spoon on the sickle
That gets hot at every burn of struggle,
As if I am blown out like a burnt fly in heat wave,
That covers me in its huge wing folds.

It is not that I am on the wrong path,
I want to survive, struggling with reality,
I am not aimless, but some unknown
Luxurious persons drug my feet for their gain.

The entire dream is a broken night lamp
That clings over my head while sleeping.
My bed is screwed to a fixed wall,
That is crude, coated with blood-soaked color.

On this way I am moving with affiliations
Those are not mine, but are imposed capsules
That cannot generate dream, but give nightmare,
And with this, my living standard is poor and nostalgic.

Note: I am happy to received 

The Perfect Poet Award List For Week 73, Happy Rally! Thanks to Hyde Park Poetry

Monday, 17 September 2012


I look at him
He delivers a television speech,
Country welcomes his voice,
He is like an image of deliberation
And he marches on, and dwells in public mind,
As if he is voyaging through villages
Like chief of maintaining of provisions,
Food, drink and dwellings,
I believe he is man of words,
I have to honor him.

In his speech he plays like king,
And he declares, “We have to arrive at
Highest post of our life, and
We have to come out of our burdens.”
It sounds good to hear all thoughts,
He just then declares,
Selling of elementary episode of life,
But villagers do belief to have with it,
And it cannot be sold out.
I think it is a bargain,
Shopping with basketful items,
Air, the sunlight, water, and the nature,
Those are once our originality of surviving,
And now those are being sold out by own erosion.

The speech ends,
Flushes of camera bulbs go wild,
Photo of the king comes in breaking news,
I remain as mute observer
Looking at the black hole
I am living with erosion of soil,
As if I am pushed across vineyard,
And subjected to live in wound with empty hand,
Life is burden, I realize it.


When I see the man by my side,
I can guess he is an affluent one in the folk,
Having labels on the vehicle, while moving,
At present he is an exception.

I now look at the environment,
His gestures are full of avoiding me,
I cannot talk with him, I think he is
Very important, having a serious vision.

Then I survey dream and hope at the living,
I stay at a distance from his observance,
His is like proclaimed winner of marketing price,
Life is someone’s playing game to be fine. 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Short Story Slam Week 27: Locations and Sensations

                                   LOCATION AND SENSATION                 
                                                  Wordle:  My Favorite Colors and Words

Image Credit: Forests Bona
Standing on the Broadway passage,
I pass my time with my baggage
For my journey to Chicago, Seattle, Austin, airport, and
My ride starts for India – Kolkata, Delhi, Madras and Mumbai.
In my youthful aromas, and I want to see the locations,
And I am curious of sensation; I can feel it of my visits there,
With my affordable fare and journey cost,
And I want to see sunset at the Juhu Beach,
To compare the scene that I see at my place - California beach.

I will visit Santiniketan with my friends,
And from bookstore at Visva-Bharati University,

I will buy one full collection of writings RabindranathTagore,
My mind will be enlightened with echo of spirited feeling of his writings.
There are places I may walk with thoughts that may grow,
With an echo of a sound that creates blessings of this world.
I may have some knowledge of spiritual insights of India,
And I can enter the existence of the beautiful earth,
And understand the world of nature, the mother earth preserves. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012


I am still learning the word, love,
I am still learning the word, poetry,
I am still learning what to write
On love and on poetry,
And get a combination of two words
Into relinquishment of becoming a poetry,
On way to ensure love of my dear one,
With the presence of texts and contours,
She comes in my dream,
Sometimes in her beauty of natural attitude,
I have seen an angel over music of forms,
I have to travel in search of words
For useful content of understanding of beauty,
Life is full of act and ideas,
One is existent of one’s self,
And it is a place
Where love and poetry exist
With promises from heart,
I am still learning what it is about love,
And when poetry become meaningful to
Sweet melody of mind, to touch to my loved one.

She comes in accordance with her nature,
She wants to make a history,
In love’s theme of speaking aloud in verse,
And asks me in common parlance
To hold her hands in her wishes,
Following through thrills of two words, love and poetry.

Note: This poem is first published in discussion of my poem, MY LADY BEAUTY, at literary group Writer's Cafe' in 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I return to a concluding part,
I do not move in wilderness,
And will see reflection of love,
On the earth’s web of existence.

I return to a magical turning,
Mighty presence of beautiful moon,
Gives evidence of unending pursuance
Of love to beauty of a person,

Who can say, “Live with my words,
I love dreamer’s dream,
With the images of life in the world,
I am the woman, I hold the dream.”

I look at the sky, in the night,
And think, millions of years passed,
The moon is still dreaming spirit,
In presence of love in everyone’s feeling. 

Note: This poem is first published in discussion of my poem, MY LADY BEAUTY, at literary group Writer's Cafe' in 

Saturday, 8 September 2012


I have seen you in your eyes,
To hairs that make big shadows around,
Over your face,
As if hairs encroaching your face,
And eyes are shut in thrill of love,
Horizon of beauty moves under your beauty,
That I want to see through all my life,
Turn after turn
Keeping a vigil sensation in your love,
O my lady beauty, you are defiance of my love.

I have seen your blush in very touch,
Great attitude of high spirit,
Life is full of love
When I see you, and always pray
You smile with closed eyes,
With all hairs falling down on your countenance,
As if the storm create lovely air,
Under younger and prettier transformation,
With every kiss that dazzles in your lips,
Millions of years we live at the centre of love.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Moving door to door, land to land, ocean to ocean,
Walking through asteroids, you come into my heart,
As an angel to offer love, an impression in love mind,
Through the celestial light, soft and delight.

Looking for a lovely heart I move since the universe created,
Your words are symbol of call of love
From innermost heart, a sweet moment in life,
The smooth touch comes on great appearance of your grace.

The biggest innings of life is to love,
A lucky landing of beauty and love in one journey
The life comes into full bloom, if love touches,
Significant of life then becomes heavenly speech,

For the existence over passage of time,
Beautifully danced into vigor of bright influence
That the life wants to take bath in offering,
Love is inwardly protector of life, born and re-born. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I look at the burning sun
Whip like filament lashes the root,
Moving around all the time,
The very sun shines the world.

Still burning my mind,
Life is a burst
Of solar lashes
A home of burning formation,

I am one backward runner
Now on a rush of old ideas,
Those are my living meaning
Home wants something,

I am not colorful to the needs,
Ferocity may dwell in between,
Inverse phase of life throws me,
Lashes my endurance,

I am now a single creature,
A bitter taste to dwellers,
My anger is a burn to me,
Useless sediment to others.

Nothing earlier drop I can put,
For acquisition on the way,
For their assignment, being
Dragged between the age and the world.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


It drizzles,
Rusty clouds in the blue,
Raindrops talk from inside,
They stop, again fall after a gap,
Distinct September,
Weather counts spin
Over change of a season
Upon the earth.

Paddy crops planted
Thieved in green to green web,
Saplings are swinging in wind,
To grow in fulfillment,
And it is dream to farmers,
A favored bet for returns,
Green is sweet to all population,
Giving protection to living sensation.

Monday, 3 September 2012


Dear sweetie, come and play,
With warm embrace, a fierce possession,
In our body-space, and let us know
The world is not full of technical web.

We are all real in pleasure of body
That we can sacrifice for our unknowing
Openness that we want to live with pulse
In our lips and mingle with skin.

Dear sweetie, life is short,
And be hurry to come to me
For an hour, at least to embrace love,
That I need to feel and share.

To know the measures of love,
We are all time clouded, darling,
We both want to have an expensive kissing
To know our love and liberation.

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Once it is our dream-planet,
Now it is our journey over its surface,
And its pictures are carried in moving machine
And beamed to our eyes, great interest.

On our eyes
The wide range of colored contours
Mountains, plains, cracks,
Human being thrilled on pivotal promise.

Of our journey down to the sky,
Awake in our vision,
The great Mars
We pull the curtain of distance

And we are open-eyed in the images,
Life is reflection of reality,
Searching for new life in different planet,
As if it is born with aspiration.