Friday, 14 September 2012

Short Story Slam Week 27: Locations and Sensations

                                   LOCATION AND SENSATION                 
                                                  Wordle:  My Favorite Colors and Words

Image Credit: Forests Bona
Standing on the Broadway passage,
I pass my time with my baggage
For my journey to Chicago, Seattle, Austin, airport, and
My ride starts for India – Kolkata, Delhi, Madras and Mumbai.
In my youthful aromas, and I want to see the locations,
And I am curious of sensation; I can feel it of my visits there,
With my affordable fare and journey cost,
And I want to see sunset at the Juhu Beach,
To compare the scene that I see at my place - California beach.

I will visit Santiniketan with my friends,
And from bookstore at Visva-Bharati University,

I will buy one full collection of writings RabindranathTagore,
My mind will be enlightened with echo of spirited feeling of his writings.
There are places I may walk with thoughts that may grow,
With an echo of a sound that creates blessings of this world.
I may have some knowledge of spiritual insights of India,
And I can enter the existence of the beautiful earth,
And understand the world of nature, the mother earth preserves.