Thursday, 13 September 2012


I am still learning the word, love,
I am still learning the word, poetry,
I am still learning what to write
On love and on poetry,
And get a combination of two words
Into relinquishment of becoming a poetry,
On way to ensure love of my dear one,
With the presence of texts and contours,
She comes in my dream,
Sometimes in her beauty of natural attitude,
I have seen an angel over music of forms,
I have to travel in search of words
For useful content of understanding of beauty,
Life is full of act and ideas,
One is existent of one’s self,
And it is a place
Where love and poetry exist
With promises from heart,
I am still learning what it is about love,
And when poetry become meaningful to
Sweet melody of mind, to touch to my loved one.

She comes in accordance with her nature,
She wants to make a history,
In love’s theme of speaking aloud in verse,
And asks me in common parlance
To hold her hands in her wishes,
Following through thrills of two words, love and poetry.

Note: This poem is first published in discussion of my poem, MY LADY BEAUTY, at literary group Writer's Cafe' in 

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