Saturday, 22 September 2012


I cannot change the world
I cannot make teasing upon me,
I cannot be master of my destiny,
As present time gives a yellow performer
And he is living source-agent of life,
Taking charge of my protection.
And he knows how to earn benefits
From the events those are communicative
Easily to the ears of common flows, blows, snows,
As if I am living in powerhouse
That is maintained by circuits,
A whirling guidance of my real life
And here lies the error, own advocacy is rumored.

I cannot speak on sorrowful events,
As I am not acquiring the freedom,
As my tenancy looses ticket for binding
With bottom of dictation, my performance levels.
To the established echo that comes in nature,
And I am one mold of life sentence,
I cannot say in my way as I am one image of
Other species those are like precious stone
Continually and significantly braced with
New fashions of life pattern, a new type of returns.

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