Friday, 29 July 2016

LOVING SILVER SWAN: Short story slam week 49

Between two silver swans, a fairy lady stands, a simple beauty to guide light for those who are wild at whims of hazy understanding.

She stays in such a way that one can think of lovely appearance of peace, sticky dark may disappear from this fairy land, into the sky, and no fear stays, one can live with honor, its process bears no anxiety, and this comes effortlessly by the way of singing of swans, in a garden of charming trees, settled down at this exotic place without vanity.

This serenade of mystery of beauty, in fairy morning, creates future of life, with songs of birds, over conscience of love, along the life’s intention, with hope of dwelling peacefully.

Dreaming for a while
We stop at a place where
Fairy queen equals
Inequalities and binds

Images with dreams.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Short story slam week 49: NEGATION OF LIFE

Short story slam week 49: NEGATION OF LIFE

Today I have learnt I have no place in this world, and so long I have traveled places to places, without any gratification from all people whom I am supposed to be my intimate, and find that these self-destined people hate me, and they think that I am only culprit to deny their demands, as the world is theirs, and I am their boss to fulfill their unforeseen whims those are so violent that I cannot follow their motive to locate the world from where they will gain everything they want, and I am their mistakenly chosen person of granting dream land. They think I have no dream, I have no whim, I have no demand, I have no fairy land, I cannot have beautiful nights, I have no passage for seeing the world in my way of living intertwine, I need no counselling, I cannot enjoy beauty of life.  I cannot act in the way of act of rejuvenation with love, sympathy and promise.

In a moonlit night
I come across a fairy land,
Tales of life with dream,
Beneath the starry sky,
I cannot stand in this life.  .

Thursday, 21 July 2016


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Short story slam week 49, July 21---August 7, 2016, Silver Swan poetic stories of romance and mystery

I want to be happy,
After a long simmering wave in the day,
A stress put into body and mind,
I want to be proud and
Happy, clearing stench air,
Leaving surges of invisible necessities,
Paving into a dreaming silver lake, with
Eyes dipped into loving galaxy,  
Like fairy lady looking at morning lights,
In blue joy, with white swans.

O fairy lady, come with coolness,
And take me to the world, where
Riddle of worldly affair disappears,
Far away from this warring zone,
I want to live, with caring aroma, at
A fantastic land where cool lake and
Fairy garden form rhythm in swimming,
Not forming a suffocating nebula,
But to move like a brave swan around a
Dreaming lady playing with loving blossoms,

And I can be free with a vision for a long time
More than what I am enjoying
When I was in an earthly dream,

This journey will raise a name of love.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Short story slam week 48, Indians are good folks! - I AM NOT ANOTHER PERSON

A fairy lady beauty spread out a falcon in one hand and stood on the path of dreaming.
I came upon her way and she asked me, “Wait!”  It was awesome, and her eyes are marvelously fixed deep into a location imagined to be a city. Her adoring attitude and beauty supposed to touch love and beauty to steal my heart. And she said, “You all live at places those carry broken modules, blinded with overspreading loneliness. I come here to convince you, life is hopeful, Love is not bubbled out.” It seemed to me, I was just standing before the city gate. And she offered me a falcon that can rule the awkward birds those forgot to establish love in the kingdom, where mirror is money. Trees are there, but flowers are popcorn.
I looked at the bottom, dropped my views, signaled for nothingness. I am not equal to that task.

I woke up and looked for her all around, and it seemed nothing had happened. It is a dreaming balm. I am not another person.

The moon embraces
The night sky. Expectation
Does not turn eyes
Into madness as it is yours,

Not theirs. Learn gladness for all.