Saturday, 23 July 2016

Short story slam week 49: NEGATION OF LIFE

Short story slam week 49: NEGATION OF LIFE

Today I have learnt I have no place in this world, and so long I have traveled places to places, without any gratification from all people whom I am supposed to be my intimate, and find that these self-destined people hate me, and they think that I am only culprit to deny their demands, as the world is theirs, and I am their boss to fulfill their unforeseen whims those are so violent that I cannot follow their motive to locate the world from where they will gain everything they want, and I am their mistakenly chosen person of granting dream land. They think I have no dream, I have no whim, I have no demand, I have no fairy land, I cannot have beautiful nights, I have no passage for seeing the world in my way of living intertwine, I need no counselling, I cannot enjoy beauty of life.  I cannot act in the way of act of rejuvenation with love, sympathy and promise.

In a moonlit night
I come across a fairy land,
Tales of life with dream,
Beneath the starry sky,
I cannot stand in this life.  .


  1. interesting.
    everyone has momentary sadness,
    but, you will always find a place in your heart that love always embrace our shortcomings, and hope or stay hopeful is the key.

  2. After filling ourselves to the brim with emptiness, we find we become full when we search within rather than without. -kay salady