Friday, 29 July 2016

LOVING SILVER SWAN: Short story slam week 49

Between two silver swans, a fairy lady stands, a simple beauty to guide light for those who are wild at whims of hazy understanding.

She stays in such a way that one can think of lovely appearance of peace, sticky dark may disappear from this fairy land, into the sky, and no fear stays, one can live with honor, its process bears no anxiety, and this comes effortlessly by the way of singing of swans, in a garden of charming trees, settled down at this exotic place without vanity.

This serenade of mystery of beauty, in fairy morning, creates future of life, with songs of birds, over conscience of love, along the life’s intention, with hope of dwelling peacefully.

Dreaming for a while
We stop at a place where
Fairy queen equals
Inequalities and binds

Images with dreams.