Monday, 30 April 2012


Still learning the word, love,
What it shines in its meaning to me,

Is it sweet sequence?
Is it a gunshot to kill me?

I have dreams, one love,
My mind warned me to think about love.

I do not think much,
I jump in her bosom to feel love touch.

First she alerted me to have a look in her bio-data,
That she carries all time in her about page turn.

In that page she says:
She cannot dangle around a concord that is uncertain to suit her.

This vast significance does not attract me to notice,
As I am in her love, as I see, all symptoms caring things

Those are very close to feel, and make me awake
In the shadow of lovely pattern what I want in wake up call.

Love and world,
The two great kingdoms cannot be casual or put a sword

To break the link before it is created and posted on web page,
Sucking is one kind of sad things, instead of sweet boosting of love,

I leant it when I find, connecting or reconnecting is a wizard,
That makes me feel I eat the elephant star,

Sharing an imagination is like going to bed without vibrant glance,
Dancing without love and fun is more painful than what I express in turn.

I am still in her love,
Love is my single term.

And I am still learning the word, love,
Still searching its basics, beginning and ending.

Sunday, 29 April 2012


When she comes in my page, uncertain,
When she comes, she becomes captain,
Gives me advice, sends wishes, goes out,
She is alone, my distance friend, never meet.

One day she comes and says, “Hello!”
I simply say, “Hi, how are you, dear?”
She momentarily replies, “I want more words,
Your words are my soothing corner.”

I am amazed how sweetly she expands,
Bright signs of winning a lady heart
I am feeling crowned by a woman single heart.
Distance is no bar; it is amazing and wide surge.

“I am passing my days, dear,
And you are struggling with your life alone there.”
It is my simple answer, she replies prudently,
“You are not in a cage, dear, you are free.”

We are at distance, yet we are among birds,
Among trees, among society, yet as solo performers,
She slowly says, “Yes dear, I am doing hard work
To get both ends meet for existence for money.”

And all these words are my assets to remember
As we are all living alone on sandy bank of river,
And our hours are spent worshiping the silence,
Very little words we can share in the temple of love.


I cannot restore back my words
Those I give and take and share
In forms, in contents and in sentences.
I am that one who loves her again.

She is my favorite love lady,
Liking my words, shining, and dancing,
I put my promises, I will sacrifice,
Sure it is to prosper in loving things.

Three ways of thinking,
Life and bonding and transmitting,
Those are travels on our love sentencing,
I help caring cycles, and save fire origin.

I do not run wild; life has hope and time,
I will call her to mingle in healing,
Body being sense receiving and offering
In the kingdom of love, we are in association.


She comes silently
And makes her voice on love quest
That leads me to search her web page postings,
I walk on clicking on the about-page.

She shares nothing with the post
About her choice of secrecy,
Yet she is cool to come on my web page
And makes tick mark of her choice of my posting.

All are sweet and well as far it beams light,
It is a woman heart that fills my heart of plight,
I move now and then on her site,
Yet she posts nothing on her about-page right.

I dream she has lotus eyes,
I dream she is wearing a long white gown,
That fits her body with angelic crown,
Like moon light beam touring around.

One day I have decided to leave a comment on her page,
And in this thinking, I put words,
“Life is easy if one likes to say something,
Dreams then comes on horizon to receive touching”

These words perhaps knock her heart,
Many more ways, it seems, she is thinking in burn,
And a few days later she just put some words,
“Expectation has no place if heart is broken.”

I then put
“Nights may be weary, yet morning is fresh,
Life is wonder, life has romance, and
It reflects charm, peer, and sublime.”

Last words she put on her page,
“Life has its values, yet I am wandering
In flame of instability, I like to be lonely,
I am now chaining my soul as I do not like parallel flowing.”

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Love powers two minds,
Two minds think at one time,
One thinks, other rethinks,
One throbs, other vibrates.

We are at web page at distance,
I want to leave her a message,
Somehow I resisted in that
She might be engaged or annoyed.

Momentarily after comes holding,
One message telling me she is floating
And becoming vibrant to obey heart’s call,
I am astonished how to respond.

We are far, far away, never meet anywhere
We perhaps come under one shade
To feel, love has no distance barricade
Only the feeling that binds two minds.

I am astonished to see the message,
I just make correspondence to say her -
Love has an installation in mind and heart -
That makes wave like breathing.

Love has time lightening desire
To image both in dream and offering,
As if we are in the earth’s gravity
With heaven’s feeling within each other.

When we close our eyes,
We see the each other’s face and eyes,
That serves the way of loving,
Over passage through worldly stream, with sense of loving.


First I think to give a new turn
On my life vision,
In the creative field,
I am new to meet imagination,
A sequence is made to feel the earth
In producing thread,
And then to assemble parts
To form the beauty of creation.

Sitting with keyboard
I type many words for a substance,
That I form in every part of body-form
To concede speech,
A thousand mile’s tour makes me
Volatile on engrossed pain,
Careful I am, yet not noble
In form and content, I feel the defeat.

The more I go on my sense of love,
The more I get fractions,
Fractures of sentiment give birth
To the some significance,
That I have not dreamt
In my love association in multiform,
It is symbol that I fail to read
The real life’s observation.

Ambition is good,
It is not to take as sure destination,
As life has some spots, and
Other powers do act on all sides,
And I have to remove the imbalance
That comes on random choices,
Life is short; attempts are limited,
Getting victory makes ambition.

Friday, 27 April 2012


The sky is full of clouds, thunders the thunder bolt,
The earth is hard to take water from the rain it gives birth,
Every curve of crust goes to wet and curl in folds of love,
Sensation that grows inside will create reflections and healing.

The sun makes pressure on the crust to correspond with rain,
So long scorching sunrays have evaporated organic fluid of crust,
Water connections are dried up as much hyped stimulation
That has to keep equilibrium the meeting that gives mood of the sun.

Rain, rain, you are sweet treating gain to keep the earth’s sentiment
In stimulation with love that gives birth of healing sensation,
We are the organic erogenous parts of the heaven’s creation,
Love is our brain, as the rain rules the earth’s brain and divinity.

Rain, rain, you are wet network that gives the crust a feeling,
With life in moving in syllable of hymens and speeches of loving,
The wind blows with moistures of cool boost a highest living,
Rain, rain, you are the water path of our contained feeling of existence.  


Seven years living in fantasy of love astounding,
Going through sweet memories turns out significant belonging,
It is not easy to breath in the solitude of touching,
Life is vigorous in springing up from controlled feeling.

Seven years living in real living in touched bounding,
Some controls breathe in love to ease corresponding senses,
Field of love passes through dissolving in eager and desire,
Called moments pass through understanding of sensuality.  

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Question moves in me
To whom I do belong.

When I cannot stay in her breathing,
When I find no strong feet controlling,
When I am not in touch of tender tits,
When I have none to question within,
“What do you mean?
Do you find my Husband?
How funny you are.”
Wounds are hidden in old saddles,
Mind cannot forget reflections therein.

All those feelings come in her breathing,
I am sinking in her hair, eyes, breasts,
And her feet go forth with signaling
Sweet words do flow, adored in touching,
“What are you doing?” she says,
Her words are whispers, as if saying thanks,
And sweetly she bends, and says,
“How you get this power, I do not give it either.”
Gone are days, when she dares to embrace me.

Question moves in me,
To whom I do belong,
Had I not left the region of call, she does not leave.
Love appears in time of our loving sense grows
And captures it in regions of our body control,
That will make us awake all time we do follow.


Who would find the family tree?
Let everyone breathe in one air,
Key role plays the love in heart,
Mind to create a synthesis of signals.

Now here we are like family tree
Each are bounded in growth entry,
Love is the source of transcription,
Regulation and activity are heart’s direction.

Now here we are one body of heart,
Family cycles are roots of one stem,
We are now discovering cycle control,
We are speaking about love, living splendor. 


One night she just came in my talks, as a friend,
As if she just returned from her travel from woods,
She was cool, with some questions to ask me,
That I noticed in her words that ciphers a code
“I am tired and want to take rest, all are dirty here.”
I remember she was so saying even if I put confidence.

The syllables of her talks were cool yet vigorous,
It seemed she was reading a book of adventure,
That contained life, fire, clung senses emblazoned
That she had just past over as woods were in fire.
I then kept me questioning what she felt so hard,
She just said in tune of affection, “My mind walked away.”

This changed my mood, and I said, “Forget the childish play.”
I told it in my sympathy, as she was missing something,
For the wrong journey that she took part innocently,
She then replied in cool voice, “Mind cannot borrow love.
I just moved in a search what the flock finds in this earth.”
Then she stayed in silence as if she was thinking in a shell.

I did wait for her, as I was wonder as she was really had love,
And I said very gently, “Do not think much, all will be OK.”
She just made another reply, “I walked a long way,
To have a paddle on a love domain, now it is empty, I return.
My mind had gone frustrated as life cannot obtain everything.”
I remained silent as if I was dissolved in flowing of her feeling.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Things can change
Words can change

You should ask yourself
What to change and
What to keep with.
Life is short, wits and temper
Are to be kept tuneful for living,
It is compact to create your appearance
In life and to touch mind of loving things,
It is a humble living.

Changing comes in a dream,
It comes in your thoughts,
Things of change take place
In your attempt for walking,
You can use words in your terms
To tell your loved one about your love,
You need something, that requires
Some striking words, like flying of birds.

Things can change,
Words can change,
You travel in the nature, and you always fight
With odd features by changing your beginning.   


The name is a word in recital,
It is an embodiment, it is a speech,
To utter through our vocal cord,
We call someone or place or something,
In the microphone on the stage.
The name is like an island,
It can be explored.
On the computer screen, it can be written
In black and white color, or
In color bands on glossiness,
We design it in meaningful wholeness.                                                            

The name gets a form
That holds great photographic character,
We mean something with its form,
Digital breed makes it a charm,
When it is exposed to x-ray chart,
It is spectacular regions of love,
Inner or outer space of its form
Gives emotions when vessels run triumph,
Over optimistic stretches on our way,
In form, an existent explanation it does hold.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


First dream

I do not go to my counseling class
Medicine does not work,
My performance does work.

Second dream

I am quarrelling with my lover
Last time I did not,
Love is fine if I find diligence.

Third dream

I am moving like ocean’s wave,
I do not like standing on lake,
I do perform like fucking muscles.

Fourth dream

I am talking with someone
Who is at my talking distance,
As if I rehearse to guess all time.

Fifth dream

I am walking like glass dolls,
My counselor has shortened my voice
I want my voice returned.

Sixth dream

While walking I am kicking something,
My walking draws attention of passers-by
It brings stunt syndrome.

Seventh dream

I am moving through a tunnel,
In and out, it turns, it burns,
It is watered, protein saturation.  

Eight dream

I am walking on a shore,
If I like to purchase a new one,
I do not have scope.

Ninth dream

I sprung up from a sound,
I want to know that emancipation,
It has stirred my sensation.

Tenth dream

I am in a transition,
I want to change all bullshits,
I will belong to and dissolve in my existence.


First woman 

She comes out from her mud house, wearing a sari,
That she drapes around her body, so carelessly that
It seems she is only taking her commands to cover
Body charms friendly with sari, just to make her
Modest to the public, no sharp line can be seen, only divine.
It is her simple gesture, it is earthly entity and it is airy,
Sari waits nothing, just makes her gracious,
Her walking is normal, with no slippers on her feet.
She goes near a well,
She draws water by a bucket from the well,
And fills one little drum with water, and then
Carries it, goes near the cows those are tied with cord
Around bamboo pole, in the courtyard,
She pours all water through a long cemented tunnel container,
That is build to hold water for drinking for cattle,
Those, in turn, dip their mouths to drink water,
Her mud house is covered with trees,
Under shadows to keep the house cool
When the summer sun burns all around.
The lady is filled with maternal instinct here
And keeps cattle on her control and service,
She is happy in this work; it is her routine morning work,
She is a woman with essence in life for love, carrying working reflection.

Second woman

All call her Diva for her success in her debut social performance,
Sitting before camera, she is a beauty paragon, looking bright,
With her body as emblazoned with passion, sweet with looks,
As she is an emblem for following her with many angles, drawn arts,
Her movements draw cheers from her fans, which throng around,
Where she goes with media circles, she has fans alongside individual camera flashes.
With crowd delighted chanting in her praise, her smiling floods all around.  
She is a Diva, a woman with essence for love and success, she earns this position, 
She wears baggy clothes with designer art work showing examples,
Fashion orients drawn, again she begins with fashion syndrome,
With 4 inches high heel shoes, she is comfortable for her best walking,
She is woman of strength that pours her beauty as if landing from heaven,
In pictures, she is visible with woman strength with life and love.

Monday, 23 April 2012


What she says, in tears of anxiety, is shocking to me,
It is not mystery, it is not simple, difficult to understand, 
She says she is first a mother and then a grandmother, 
She is fortune to the family,
Yet she is ignored, as she is an old woman,
And she is ignored as if she is a family burden,
She endures the blame with happy smiles,
And she does not ignore any duty,
Even if she is unable to perform it,
She does it, working is her pattern of life,
An itching effect comes deep into her tattered mind, 
The condemnation comes more from her daughter-in-law,
Than that of her son, who remains silent all time,
And she tries to discard works of mother-in-law.

The new grandmother who is the architect of her house,
Feels the heat when his son does not pay any heed
To the questions and motivation that his mother takes,
For the benefit of the family, and then
He quarrels with mother
And his mother is silent crusader for her deeds,
Her son did not behave so earlier that he is doing now.
She thinks, her son has been turned to a silver screen to reflect wife,
Who plays a great role to make things critical,
And always thinks about life of the pattern
That she had enjoyed in her parent’s house,
This new bride has no sympathy and confession to this family.

The grandmother thinks her mirror is depicting
Her image that is shadowed by the wishes of God,
And she has had to shed tears till she is alive in this family.


The little baby is in the reflections on unknown fear,
How it responds in his little mind we do not understand.

We do not know your fear, and everything unclear,
Nor we predict your hypnotic shares on worldly ambers.

We see your eyes only, which are seizure of images
Those are contents of the Arjun’s eyes pointed at reflections

To fish’s eyes, and the baby wants to shoot likewise,
The baby’s vision, the lotus spirit of heavenly gazing.

We only see drops of white tears coming down cheeks,
The tender stalks dwindling on soft skin, like diamond tears. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Now dear, you are in anger
I know you are in pain,
I can read your words,
Those are full of love-torn sensation.

Have I hurt you?
I want to take a peer in your love patterns, 
I like to taste the sense you bear therein,
And how you can endure move if hate comes. 

Dear lover, please believe in me,
The virtual thing I do to make you happy,
That may bring some pain in your mind,
I have the taste of loving skin,

As love has some shadow in every feeling
That comes open in our eyes if questioned,
And your anger and burn have had this turn,
Life is beautiful you perhaps feel it now as you grow with.


One night you just talked to me with love,
“Look at me, your looks gives me desires.”

We went on our shoulders touched bare,
Our talks were dizzy, we burnt our stare.

We were on the shore of clinging wave,
Here was no barricade that you did not speak.

We talked, we looked, we rippled with togetherness,
We wielded lighting in body and mind, desperateness. 

That time, you took some vodka to feel flying
Upon our bodies, those were singing in terms of necessity.

“I wonder in you, and belong to you, my love.”
I moved my fingers to feel softness and warm.

We were moving towards stellar lap of conquering sky,
And we were dominated with skin soaked in flash.

A beam of light just penetrated blood hooves,
Wild birds just made journey over burning darkness.

We entered into life’s sharing and possession,
We feel free in touching of  gleaned sensation. 


He likes family house,
It is a beautiful coverage of greens,
He moves around,
Playing with kites.

It is not his house,
It is neighbor’s house,
Aunty does not call him,
He thinks he has nothing.

He looks with interest
At the little girl,
She sits on the lawn,
With her dog.

Green passage,
One day he goes with football,
With no boot
He kicks the ball to her.

She looks at football,
Does not move,
The dog runs after it,
And catches it and barks.

He feels anger,
Aunty rebukes him a little,
For tackling football on ground,
She does not like.

When he passes the road alongside,
He kicks the ball to the ground,
And looks at the girl,
Her aunty now does not call him.

He grew up like a street boy,
He cannot rule his destiny,
He moves from place to place,
For money to feed his stomach.

He has no war with his destiny,
He has no war with his love,
He has no sympathy on crimes,
He wants to live as wise one.

One day he comes with his wallet
Filled with money,
Aunty is old,
He does not find the girl.

He brings nothing,
He tries to find and talk with her,
Aunty only says, “She is married.”
He thinks all is cleaned up.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


He behaves like God,
And I think he wants my approach
To be with him, I am bound to do it. 
I need not go to him
He behaves like God
And stays all time in my drawing room
He is now enjoying the TV program there.
Four days he has come here,
He works on his own.

You allowed him to stay in your house,
He is your friend and loves you too.
If you do not to go to him and make him easy,
You do not find love in him for you,
Age is not bar; he is younger than you,
He has perhaps some shyness to be with you,
Please go to him and ask him to help you
In house hold works,
This will make him feel good.

I am here in my bed room, chatting with you,
I am not false thinker of love,
I am waiting for his calls to be presence with him,
And I want to have a tidal approach,
I cannot be a floating feather for him.

I think, he also thinks on the same way,
You just make him think you are not alien,
And do not want to be lost in high tide
Of communication gap, danger it is.
And keep him alart that you are woman
Who cares for him, and you have values
To honor your loved one, who is in the same house,
You are not unresponsive to his calls.
You have allowed him to stay in your house.
You have first to put your ankle in loving waters.

I do not find other ways to make him awake,
I do not find any restless peers in him
In quarries he has to introduce towards me
To show interest in me, and drag me or
Bang doors of my bed room to hold me 
In his strong arms, letting his fingers inside me,
And talks with me, breaths hot on my eyes. 
To make me feel his warmth, and I can hear
Sound of his breathing in my ears,
This will make me eager to melt down in his arm.

Yes, I am saying that, dear friend,
Remove your fear or shyness, and
Go forward to his sitting place, and
Sit by him, and talk with him,
Gradually he will feel your presence
He will walk close to you to know you,
And the earth will make you ways to
Communicate him in his world of love.
Closeness gives birth of desires,
And you will see the earth is beautiful.

May be you are right,
I am feeling tired now, it is dead of night,
I am going out now, bye.

She switched off the computer.  


After the birth of first baby, she does not feel to stay
With torturous mind of her husband, and wants a new shelter,
And escaping from him, she finds another person,
Who shares his shoulder to hold her love without conditions.

She was young and shares every roots of love in full strength,
Her second husband is kind and active supporter of hers,
One day, she finds she is again neglected when her young love blossoming. 
She feels to live alone as, to her, all males are forms of mutant dispelling.

With two husbands she has two babies by love, one baby from each one. 
She is single mom now and lives with two infants to feed,
She does not feel difference to give breast either of the two infants,
She feels same love and affection for two babies, like mother earth.

With money that she gets from husbands as maintenance of babies, 
She somehow lives with freedom to reign her stand,
She loves and cares babies for growing them up as able bodied persons,
She wants to show both husbands, the perseverance she can bear alone. 

As a warrior she is brave, to bear the burden on her shoulders.  
She is confident on her attempts for rising and shining, being single handed,
She is parenting alone, that blooms like cosmic flowering,
She is enthusiastic mother to show the earth, she is bold to defy men's ordeal. 

Friday, 20 April 2012


Taking imagination as our life’s resource of love
Taking imagination as our perception as life’s gift
Taking imagination as our mind’s sole devotion
Taking imagination as our existence’s domination,
We are all in love of imagined offering
On our breathing to hold birth as foundation,
As if we are moving for inventing passage to hold power,
With the commands of life, obeying laws of love,
We are the sublime strength of our own creation,
Imagination is the heaven’s bliss to serve our lives.


Human being,
Sequence of energy, when
We enjoy warm breath while participating in love.

When seasons come for swearing in love,
We are in search of excitement in releasing inside,
Where we do extract metaphor for romance. 

Partners think of swaying of passion in strong feeling, 
We are hot all time in finding someone as own, 
We learn how to interact, knowing each other.

Hope is there in every move of body and mind, 
We take part in loving tenderness of body-details, 
Creating energy, dissolving in our primary association.  

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Do you know your absence
Keeps me mortgaged in low mood?
I am looking for little girl’s image,
That you once created in my mind,
That has not vanished from my vision,
Thousand times worthy of singing,
I do not forget your first breathing, taking you in my arm.

Then I write an e-mail to you:


Once we have travelled in cycles,
Those are calls from distance, over phones,
We are in feeling with no bad feeding
With initiation we go in search of souls,
From points of beginning and position,
Excitement, like food and enrolment,
As if islands are getting close to fulfilment
As shifting of geo-plates inevitable in quacks,
And we are then connoisseurs of love
That goes on holding frays of shimmering.

You should know that I do not get the job
As I am not up to the mark as they need more,
I try to forget thrilled moments that you gave me,
I do not reserve our floating in night time,
Or from the place where we are sparkling with sensation.
Snatching of something is not my attempt for love,
I am unemployed since then.

I add again in my e-mail to you:

Now we are separate membrane,
Promoters and responses are getting dull,
With eyes and limbs getting down flame,
All light engages goes hiding revels,
We are clogged in raw sentiments
Dialing tones are not heard
As web page is not getting updated
So long we are on the different shores,
Distanced from romantic moments,
As if our house has no furniture to fill space.
The earth has the beauty to be remembered,
With the kitchen that brings cooked food,
Sentencing with love, it is like losing
The colored painting with white washes,
The steel door is broken for not maintaining it,
We are deeply offended in the questioning,
And essence of our love and acquaintance,
Gets fluent of neglect as if we are no where
In the stimulation, that is once our spontaneity.

You should have known that time of the past,
I only remember you are my vibrant blues,
I remember the dress you wear first in yellow hue,
When your mom does rebuke you to be at window,
To feel a man with sharing fingers,
Where begins the battle of loosing and gaining for partners
As I am vagabond on the way of sojourn,
My life is like pebbles, none to pick them up.
That time you are outspoken on me,
As a man of essence to feel your heart,
I feel no frustration when you are with me in the hood,  
When you come down heavily on my body,
With your sharp wits, the vehemence you trust,

I write another stanza of poem in my e-mail:

One day it is good to know love once admired
May have disastrous stepping
When we are not in touch with regular joys,
Where daunting travel gives link to cut the source
We have learnt it while sharing of love in pleasing form.

Love is worth, but it is waste to me,
I now feel your absence, a pain of losing sea bird
That was once of mine, in the murmur of love infinity, 
The life is form of my nostalgic reminiscence all the rest time.