Sunday, 29 April 2012


She comes silently
And makes her voice on love quest
That leads me to search her web page postings,
I walk on clicking on the about-page.

She shares nothing with the post
About her choice of secrecy,
Yet she is cool to come on my web page
And makes tick mark of her choice of my posting.

All are sweet and well as far it beams light,
It is a woman heart that fills my heart of plight,
I move now and then on her site,
Yet she posts nothing on her about-page right.

I dream she has lotus eyes,
I dream she is wearing a long white gown,
That fits her body with angelic crown,
Like moon light beam touring around.

One day I have decided to leave a comment on her page,
And in this thinking, I put words,
“Life is easy if one likes to say something,
Dreams then comes on horizon to receive touching”

These words perhaps knock her heart,
Many more ways, it seems, she is thinking in burn,
And a few days later she just put some words,
“Expectation has no place if heart is broken.”

I then put
“Nights may be weary, yet morning is fresh,
Life is wonder, life has romance, and
It reflects charm, peer, and sublime.”

Last words she put on her page,
“Life has its values, yet I am wandering
In flame of instability, I like to be lonely,
I am now chaining my soul as I do not like parallel flowing.”

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