Sunday, 8 April 2012


O love, how I can follow you,
I am in strange passage to feel you,
I am not feeling any taste of love at all,
I am walking like a stone.

O love, how I can follow you,
I am in search the path that leads me
To my heart to give a touch,
I am waiting for love with my heart and mind.

O love, how I can follow you,
How I can get your sentences inside me,
How I find the path in love’s horizon,
I am breathing empty in love.

O love, how you can find me,
How you can feel me, touch me, and
Hold me, like air in space with gravitation,
You have the mind to give instructions,

For our passage to serve and pay
You the love’s domain in signals and frame,
O love, how I can get you in my bosom,
As the earth is singing love, yet beyond my touch.

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