Friday, 6 April 2012


She comes on the glass screen
As she is spreading her charms
Letting us to see her and praise her
With beauty in her dancing form
That gives sweet legs a flame
To the feeling of stormy gains,
And we are in mood to see lustre
She bears in her drifts in beauty,
Like a veiled figure in dream,
That fills eyes and heart to fathom
The wonders of her beauty,
Emblazoned on dancing floor,
And when she is asked to draw
Some postures of lord Shiva,
She just makes legs crossed
With hands to form mudras
A very charming and violent beauty
That lord Shiva does hold,
Towards destruction of evils,
Transforming in trimurti,
And also the creation of vibration,
That assures life and love on the earth,
And very beauty that fills mind,
That always resides inside heart,
An honored life we are living with.

In her posture of dancing of Nataraja,
She wins our heart as very important one
For our love and respect her on dancing floor.

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